Creating The Perfect Play Area For Kids

Travel is a wonderful thing for kids. There’s a reason why many call it the ultimate education for young minds. It gives them the chance to immerse themselves in other cultures, to see the jaw-dropping natural wonders and architectural endeavors of far away lands. It teaches them about how people live in other countries and cultures, building their sense of empathy and their interpersonal skills.  But at the same time, one of the best things about travelling is the feeling of coming home. And that’s as true for our kids as it is for us. And all kids should have a space where they can call their own. A safe space in which they can relax and play on their own or with friends. As important as social interaction and development are for kids, it’s can also be beneficial for kids to enjoy some solitude, especially adolescents. So make sure, while you’re saving for your next adventure you also set something aside to create a space for the kids which is well and truly theirs. 

Image by Jessica Lewis via Pexels

With that in mind, here are some tips for manufacturing the perfect kids play area…

Add arcade machines that you can bond over

Arguably the ultimate addition to a kid’s game room can also give their parents a daily dose of nostalgia. Many kids growing up today didn’t have the formative experience of visiting arcades in their youth like their parents did. But while home consoles are great,  looking for authentic arcade machines can be a great point of connection between kids and their parents. Especially if you manage to track down a favourite arcade game from your youth. You can play together and regale them with stories of how you used to play the game with your friends when you were their age. It can be a fun way to bond and to teach your kids about how the youth of yesteryear played. 

Let the games begin

A video games console with a gaming chair can be a fantastic way to immerse themselves in video game worlds. While many parents have a healthy skepticism of video games, they can have a wealth of benefits especially when playing with friends or parents. While you’ll want to ensure that their games are age appropriate and right for them ( kicking your offspring through a wall and into the path of an oncoming train on Mortal Kombat might not necessarily send the right message), playing together can actually help them develop concentration, teamwork and fine motor skills.

Of course, if you’d rather they have less screen time, they can still enjoy all manner of non-digital toys and games from boardgames to a small pool or foosball table. 

Keep it simple, keep it neutral

Your child’s playroom should be a place where they can go to relax and let off steam after a a stressful day at school. So work with them to make sure that it is kept clean, tidy and clutter free. Visual clutter in a confined space can actually elevate their stress levels and inhibit calm and ordered thinking. Adopt a neutral mode of decor, but let them add a few flourishes like posters or wall art to give it some sense of their personality. 

It’s important for kids to have a space where they can relax, unwind and be themselves. And with these additions you can give them that while also creating a space where you can enjoy quality time together.  


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