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Driving Your Family Long-Distance For The First Time

 When starting at the family for the first time, it can be very overwhelming to keep everything in mind.  You likely know that there are many responsibilities to take care of and sometimes they can be hidden.  You might not realize the change in your lifestyle until it occurs. This is often the most noticeable in the little things you do each day.

Until now, you might not have thought much about driving from place to place.  Even long distance holidays to vacation spots might not have bothered you.  However, when driving on a vacation like this for the first time, with your new family in the vehicle with you, such as your toddler in the back seat, you will likely be hyper aware.

In this guide, we hope to inform you of the different methods to keep your family safe during long distance travel.  We are certain that you will overcome this pressing worry, because all it takes is experience and alertness.  However, building the experience first is the main thing.

Without further ado:

Plan, Plan, Plan


Planning is always the most important thing when driving long distance.  This is especially true when driving children. You should consider cutting down your travel distance into manageable chunks.  This is not only for your awareness, but for the experience of your child. Ensure you know the distances between a rest stops.  Break up a large journey into several days’ worth of driving by staying at hotels. Pack enough food for everyone, and ensure your car has a survival kit just in case.

Also, be sure to understand weather predictive charts, the local traffic conditions, listen to accident reports, and even discuss with your friends who have driven a similar journey.  Also, do not make speed of the intent of the drive. This can often lead to driving or for longer than planned in order to cover more distance.  Do not be afraid to drive off the highway and on to less populated roads if the need strikes you. Remain flexible with your planning, but ensure you are realistic.

Smart Soothing Methods


The new family will likely have small children among its number.  This means using smart is soothing methods could be the most merciful thing you choose to implement for your own sanity.  Perhaps implementing a back of seat DVD screen, or connecting child’s songs from your phone can help your child relax. Also ensuring they are warm enough, secure enough, well fed, and

have the opportunity to sleep can ensure they make it through the trip well also.

If driving older children, it might be that respectful discipline is needed to ensure they remain calm and collected.  Gentle warnings, punishments, and rewards for being well behaved can ensure the trip is comfortable for you and the children.  After all the more harmonious the internal car environment, the safer it is for everyone.

With these tips, driving your family long distance for the first time is sure to be a success.