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Easing The Boredom Of A Long Journey

Traveling is pretty high up on most people’s priority list. But for some, the boredom of a long journey can put them off enjoying far away places altogether. This is a shame because it is something that can be avoided. We live on a marvelous planet, and it’s there to be explored! So what are you waiting for? Try some of these boredom-busting techniques to make every journey a lot more fun:

Plan Meticulously

The more you plan your vacation or expedition, the better because you’ll find more to enjoy. Don’t just plan what you do when you make it to your destination. Detail everything you might see or do along the way. The journey is a big part of traveling so don’t miss out! You might schedule a few extra stops and even deviate from the fastest route to see a bit more. It will be worth it. Plan a few things to do on each leg of your journey and make that an integral part of your overall vacay!

Do Something You’ve Never Done Before

Lots of us travel so we can experience new places and cultures. Why not bring a few new things along for the ride? Try a different musical artist or pick another form of entertainment like this Soul Eater anime. Bring along a new game for your smartphone, or try a puzzle you’ve never done before like Sudoku. There are so many options to keep you entertained and relieve the boredom of a long journey.

Do It A Different Way

If you were planning on queueing at the airport longer than the flight takes, then why not do your journey a different way? Road trips are a big part of everyone’s life, especially if they love to travel. If you were thinking of flying, take the car. If you were thinking about the train, grab a flight. Mix it up, and definitely try to avoid making the same journey in the same way twice. Of course, traveling with a different group of people can make a mundane journey a lot more fun too.


If you really don’t like sitting still on long journeys, then why not plan the boring leg overnight? You can sleep through the bits you’re not interested in and wake up fresh and energized for the actual vacation. Many parents do this, so the kids are asleep (and quiet) while they’re traveling. There is nothing stopping you from adopting the same strategy for yourself.


Of course, you might take this opportunity to catch up with your learning, your correspondence, or the latest Tweets. Studying while you travel fills the gap and helps you to feel productive while you’re stuck in that seat. You can take an audiobook or podcast if you feel travel sick when you look down on the move. Alternatively, attach your tablet to the seat in front so you can continue looking straight ahead.

Traveling should be fun and interesting, not tedious and boring. What do you like to do to ease the boredom of long journeys?


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