Essential Tips in Buying Furniture for Small Spaces

Not many people can afford large homes and often furnishing a room means that we have to be very careful when choosing furniture. The wrong piece of furniture can essentially ruin a room, cramping proportions and wasting precious space. Always find the furniture that will fit to the room, choose pieces that are exactly right for the available space. If the piece is slightly too small, then valuable space is wasted, while if the furniture is too big, obviously, it will not fit into the room!

Lorimer Sofa

Choose pieces of furniture in neutral or light shades. Dark colored furniture tends to stand out and fill the eye, which can result in it looming out from the rest of the room, causing an overcrowded appearance.
In any small room it is important to purchase essentials only. Choose functional furniture for your home, especially those with a dual purpose, such as sofa beds and fold out tables. A spare room can be laid out like a second living room for much of the year, with the bed being folded out and made up when guests arrive. This means that you can get full use of your whole house throughout the year, instead of leaving an entire room to stand vacant for months at a time.

Others strongly recommendfold-away furniture for use in small rooms. These can include drop-leaf tables that can transform from a generous and spacious table to a relatively small stand, unobtrusively leaned up against a wall until needed. The best way to decide which furniture to put into a room is to start by planning out the usage of the room. A craft room will need a large table, guestrooms need beds: as you are unlikely to be indulging your hobbies when you have guests staying, why not combine the two by using a sofa bed and a fold-away table?

A final tip for furnishing your small room would be to make good use of reflective finishes such as glass and mirrors, these reflect light into the room, both making room brighter and doubling the appearance of roominess.

With care, planning and an accurate tape-measure there is no reason why your small room cannot be beautifully decorated and furnished. Choose good quality furniture that is exactly the right size, and do not be put off by having to change loose covers or re-varnish wood. Once you have the room laid out correctly, you will see that all your efforts were worth it!

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