Eurotrip Essentials : USA To Luxembourg City

Right in the center of where France, Belgium, and Germany meet you will find the tiny country of Luxembourg, and this is where you will find the small but perfectly formed Luxembourg City. Of course, you shouldn’t be fooled by its size because it’s a fascinating place to visit that is steeped in medieval culture. Just read my post below to find out more about what to do, where to visit, and how to get there.



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Before you go


Before you make the trip to Luxembourg City, you need to be sure of a few things. The first is that you have a valid US passport because without this you won’t be able to get on an overseas flight anywhere.


You will also need insurance that covers you on your trip and be sure to get health coverage and well as just cover for your possessions. After all, you can always replace item but if you are in a foreign land with serious injury things can get very scary, very quickly.


Lastly, before you go, you will need to ascertain whether to apply for a visa or not. Luxembourg is a Schengen country which means they have an agreement with the US, so VISAs aren’t needed for shorter trips. However, if you plan on staying any longer than 90 days within 6 month period, you will need to apply for one.





Now, this is where things can get little tricky because you can get a visa without a flight itinerary, but you don’t really want to book a flight until you know you have been given the approval to enter the country. Luckily, you can get a flight reservation for visa from some travel providers that will be enough to grant you entry. Something that can save you from having to spend a fortune on long-haul flights when you don’t know for sure that you will be using them.




Once you have arrived in Luxembourg City, you will need to find somewhere to stay. Luckily, there is an extensive range of hotel and accommodation options here to suit most budgets.


If you are looking for something more high end and luxe, then a place like Hotel Le Place d’Armes at 18 Place d’Armes is an excellent choice. It’s five, and so you can expect top service as well as some genuinely opulent rooms and high-end facilities. In fact they have a fitness room and beauty treatments on offer, as well as three rather impressive restaurants to choose from.


Alternatively, if you are looking for something that will fit a more modest budget staying in a place like the Youth Hostel on Boulevard John Fitzgerald Kennedy could be a better option. Rooms are around $50 a night, and the accommodation is a lot cleaner than many European hotels of this sort. You can even book a double room if staying in a dorm isn’t your cup of tea!


Finally, when it comes to accommodation don’t forget that you always have the option of booking an AirBnB style apartment for the duration for your stay. Obviously, the best thing about this type of accommodation in that you instantly feel much more integrated into the culture, and you can choose more suburban locations too, something that is great if you are visiting family, working, or have a particular district that you wish to explore in mind.


In fact, you even may be able to get a small flat in the center of Luxembourg City for less per night than some of the more basic hotels. Something that makes this final option perfect for folks looking to make their budget go as far as possible.




You cannot visit Luxembourg City without trying the very traditional Judd mat Gaardebounen! For the uninitiated Judd is a collar of pork and Gaardebounen are what we call broad beans! This dish is soaked in spices and water overnight to give it its distinctive flavor. It’s also the national dish of Luxembourg and is well worth trying when you arrive!


Also, as a built-up urban area, you will find a wide range of other foods on offer in Luxembourg City. Check out Lux Burgers, for yes you guessed it, burgers with a distinctly Luxembourg twist. Alternatively, why not head down to the Nirvana Café on Avenue de la Gare for the delicious buffet? Oh, it’s entirely valvetrain too which means it not only tastes great but is a more eco-friendly option as well!




Of course, you can visit a city without seeing some of the most impressive sights. At the top of your list should be the medieval part of town, where you will find such places as the Grand Ducal Palace, Adolphe Bridge, and Notre-Dame Cathedral. No, this Notre-Dame is not the same as the one in  Luxembourg’s neighboring country France, but it still has some pretty impressive Gothic and Baroque architecture to take in.

Then there is the Bock area of the city which is the oldest part. There you will find old castle walls built into the cliffs to enhance the city’s defenses. Something that truly makes it an exciting and scenic part of town to explore.

Oh, and don’t forget the Musée Dräi Eechelen on Park Drai Eechelen where you will find a 15th-century fort which is now home to Luxembourg’s national history museum. Expect some weird and wonderful things here including the preserved Heart of François de Verdugo. Something you can find out more about here.


Although, if you are looking for something a bit more modern than a visit to the National Museum of History and Art on Marché-aux-Poissons will be in order. There you can see archaeological and well as fine art collection courses from across the European continent.


Lastly, no trip to Luxembourg City would be complete without checking out the stunning and picturesque Grand Duchess Charlotte-Bridge. Built in the 1960s this modern bridge looks down upon a quaint valley full of historical buildings for a charming pastoral scene. Something that makes it a place you will truly not want to miss during your trip to the small but perfectly formed Luxembourg City.


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