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Taking the Road Less Traveled | Exploring Georgia

So if you have been following, we recently made the big move from Florida to Georgia (11 miles over the border but we count it as a big move!).

One thing we made a promise to ourselves and to the little ones is that we will get back to just hoping into the green machine and hitting the road and seeing where the back roads take us and see what we find on the way! Our first stop on our Exploring Georgia tour was our new hometown, Valdosta.

Downtown Valdosta

Downtown, while small, I was surprised to see so many old building being refurbished. So many times the abandoned places that I run across or try and find have already been torn down to build modern condos or apartments but here and many of the places we have explored are rehabbing them and downtown Valdosta is thankfully one of them.

A Hardware Store Once Upon a Time
Old Candy Store, Stationary Store and Furniture Store

We even found an abandoned house off the side of a busy road on our 2nd weekend out and just had to check it out.


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