Exploring Sanford, FL Series Day 1: Marshmallows, Limes and Schnitzel


After a long 3hr drive to Sanford from GA, I was more than ready for our first stop to enjoy some marshmallows at Wondermade.

Wondermade does not sell marshmallows that you would find in the store, oh no these are not mass produced in a factory these are made from scratch and are as unique as they are delicious. 

Some one-of-a-kind flavors include:

  • Bourbon
  • S’mores
  • Lavender 
  • 24k Gold Leaf and Champagne (this was so good I bought a box to bring home)
Yes I bought a box of my very own so the kids could give it a try.

We had the opportunity to tour their kitchens and even try our hand at making marshmallows of our very own in their workshop. They offer workshops for kids, couples and groups.

Taking a behind the scenes tour of the Wondermade kitchen
We had the chance to try our own hand at making marshmallows, what actually made it home was a big hit with the kids!

More than just marshmallows

They offer more than just Marshmallows; they also make their ice cream in-house (even allergy friendly versions which will make my lactose-intolerant youngest VERY happy).

Yes they even make their own waffle and brownie cones in-house as well

Their S’more ice cream sounded great already but toasted it really did a number on the mind because you bite into the warm toasted outer shell and met with the cold marshmallow ice cream and chocolate. I could see why it is a favorite with their customers’, adults and kids alike.

Starting as just something they wanted to try their hand at making and went on to prepare them for family and friends, owners Jenn and Nathan Clark has not only their time, but their heart into being the cure for many a sweet tooth for their community and visitors alike. You can definitely see all the love they put into what they make.

Visit Wondermade online or in person at 214 E 1st St, Sanford, FL 32771.

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