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A Sweet Holiday Conclusion At Sea World

Wow welcome to the New Year but what an amazing way to end out the old year with the family enjoying all of the fun festivities at Sea World Orlando! Even though there was a bit of an overcast for the entire day (thank you Florida) that did not put a damper on the holiday festivities.

Our first stop on our trip was to the one attraction that my little ones have been waiting for since we told them it was there… the Polar Express Experience. I have to admit it is one of my favorite movies during the holiday season and I was just as excited as the kids. Unfortunately my 2 yr old was too short to go on the motion portion of the ride but my son and I went and she went with my husband to the non-motion side.

When we go in all of the employees are dressed as conductors which left my son in awe. We stood and watched a few scenes from the movie before we boarded the train. I love how they designed it all looked like an actual train with curtains and all. If you have ever seen the movie we went through the scene where the little girl lost her ticket and it flew around outside, was eaten by a baby bird spat out, rolled around in a snowball and then miraculously landed back into the hands of the little boy. We were on the train as it sped away up and down the track and across the frozen lake. The last stop was Santa Clause town.

Where we got to meet the big jolly guy himself!

Next stop was to visit with Elmo and friends for holiday special A Sesame Street Christmas, where Elmo, the Count, Big Bird and friends try to explain to Abby Cadabby what Christmas meant to them. I would definitely recommend you arrive EARLY it filled up really, really fast. I had my husband cracking up because when Big Bird made his way in I almost forgot to snap a picture I have wanted to see Big Bird up close ever since I was a little girl. Granted I was not able to meet him, meet him but being able to him outside the TV was pretty cool. Love, Love, Love Big Bird.

Something else I want to mention is that the SeaWorld meal deal is worth it we were there all day from when they opened and until they closed it was so worth it.

As nighttime rolled around the snow began to fall. It was awesome to be strolling through the Christmas Market  and have snow begin to fall. The kids absolutely loved it.

We got to see Shamu at Shamu Christmas … Miracles and got soaked! The show was breathtaking from the holiday music to of course the whales it was awesome to see. My most favorite part of the evening was seeing the sea of trees. This year they included 100 trees and they all twinkle and shine to the holiday music.

Overall it was an awesome night and I was so excited to take the kids and we will be back again this Christmas. Be sure to check out my Google+ Album for more photos.

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