Family Vacation Planning Wyndham International Drive Family Suite

Summer is here, and the crew and I are on the move again! Finding hotel is never really an issue, the biggest issue when it comes to traveling with the kids is finding the best places that over amenities that we can all enjoy. Wyndham Orlando Resort came to the rescue.

If the kids are not comfortable, then we are not comfortable. Something we look for when hotel searching is something that will accommodate our family as a whole. 

The rooms are revamped specifically with families in mind. The kid area includes bunk beds, TV with parental controls (this was a huge plus for my husband and myself) and bean bag chair which my daughter fell asleep in lol. I would not mind one at home, but I worry about my Great Dane puppy using it as a chew toy.

The Hotel

The interior featured a Starbucks, bar, live music area, lounge, and area to hook up your laptop and get some work done. Gatorville restaurant that has the most AMAZING Gator tail that I have ever had! The outdoor poolside area was relaxing, and you had bar access here as well. The grounds also featured amazing landscaping, pool and small waterfalls and a quiet pool.

The Rooms

Upon walking in, I loved the hardwood flooring throughout vs. regular carpet. The only thing I would change about the kid’s area is that the section extended enough to add a door for some extra privacy. Even with the proximity to I-Drive the room was all about peace.

My biggest issue with many hotels are the beds. I have a fused vertebra in my neck so while I do bring my pillow, sometimes the mattresses offer little to no support or they are hard as a rock. The pillowtop mattress was just as good as home, no waking up and feeling like I was hit by a bus in my sleep.


The Offical Hotel of I-Drive 360

They could not have picked a better area for this hotel. They are in a prime location right off of I-Drive in Orlando. You have a wealth of things to do. If you have never been to Orlando or you only come for the theme parks, there is so much more to do.

Wyndham is right next door to the Orlando Eye- the top of the eye offers a 360-degree view of downtown Orlando, Madame Tussauds, Sea Life Aquarium, Ripley’s Believe it or Not and so much more. The best part of it all is that they are all within walking distance to the hotel or you can hop on the local trolly.

The Verdict

It was an awesome stay. Customer service was awesome, the rooms were clean and spacious enough for our family of 4 and I am sure it would have been great if we brought the Danes because yes they are pet-friendly. So on your next visit to the Orlando area definitely give this hotel a shot.

Be sure to visit Wyndham’s website to check out their latest specials and rates!

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