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Find Inspiration with a Visit to These Amazing Destination

Travel is supposed to be an enlightening experience. Perhaps it doesn’t always have to be “fun”, as such. You might not always travel to get a tan on some warm coast in the southern hemisphere. Perhaps you’ve traveled in order to volunteer in countries with people who need your help. Whatever the case, you certainly travel for an experience. Everybody who sees the world hopes to gain something even if they’re giving at the same time.

When you no longer feel a pulling in any direction, it can be hard to motivate yourself to travel. What’s the point when you’ve no more inspiration? Traveling doesn’t have to be fun but it does have to inspire you. You need to feel a motivation and determination to see new places. When you feel as if you’ve seen everything you want to see, is there any point in traveling anymore? Yes. You can never see everything, but you should always strive to do so. Here are some travel destinations for those with no inspiration. It’s time to fall in love with seeing the world once again.

Peru, South America

As we’ve discussed before, Peru should definitely be on your bucket list. It’s one of the most beautiful countries in South America and, given the vastness of this continent, that really is saying something. It isn’t just the gorgeous mountain ranges and dense forests which make Peru so special, though the beauty of these places can’t be understated. It’s the ancient relics of long-gone civilizations which draw visitors from all over the world to the mountains and forests of Peru.

The lost city of Machu Picchu is certainly one of the most popular destinations in this country. It’s a remnant of Mayan civilization that serves as a portal into an ancient time. From the mighty Sun Gate which serves as its entrance to the backdrop of mammoth mountains which tower over the fascinating architecture of this ruinous city, there’s no denying the haunting beauty of this place. Even with an understanding of Mayan history, this wreck of a city still feels as if it’s permanently shrouded in mystery. Perhaps that’s because it looks like the location of an adventure film. Either way, this is the perfect travel destination to inspire you.

Java Island, Indonesia

The island of Java is the heart of Indonesia. It’s home to over half of the country’s population but it isn’t size that makes this place so special. The thousands of surrounding islands which make up Indonesia are also places of natural beauty which boast manmade culture. It’s the density and diversity of Java which makes it the most important and beautiful part of Indonesia. You should certainly visit the capital of Jakarta whilst you’re there. This megacity dominates the island in many senses and it’s the best place to go if you want to get a full idea of the many different aspects of Indonesian culture. From cuisines such as skewered meats and fried catfish to the annual Jakarta International Film Festival known as JiFFest, this city is a champion of multiculturalism. Many other places in the world could benefit from taking a page out of Jakarta’s book.

If you’re particularly captivated by the island then there’s no reason as to why you should ever leave. You could check out sites such as to check out the property market in the Jawa Timur region of Java on the eastern side of the island. It’s truly a beautiful island to visit. If the bustling capital of Jakarta isn’t enough to keep you entertained then you’ll certainly have your fill of stunning natural scenery in the form of awe-inspiring volcanoes and mountain ranges including the 3,265-meter-tall Mount Lawu. Its tropical scenery is also exotic and adventurous; its beauty is almost surreal.

London, England

You definitely need to visit the capital of England if you’re lacking in inspiration. Don’t let the worn-out stereotypes put you off. This isn’t a rainy, dreary city in a rainy, dreary country. Yes, it rains sometimes, but England is a vibrant place with a vibrant culture. And London is the heart of it all. As mentioned over at, it’s the world’s most visited city for a reason. Think about it; London has everything. Not only does it boast the contemporary sleek skylines, modern art galleries, and ceaseless streams of events that many other great capitals offer but it also has a depth, culture, and long history that very few other cities can claim to have. This city has blended together elements of its past traditions with a new age.

You should begin your exploration of this city by getting all the iconic landmarks out of the way. Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, and London Bridge are all stunning pieces of architecture that are well worth admiring. These are the places you see on postcards or well-liked Instagram posts and they most likely form your image of London as a whole. But this is one tiny fragment of what the great capital has to offer. Head to the O2 Arena to see some of the biggest performances in the world in one of the biggest arenas in the world. If you’re a big Harry Potter fan then you should definitely head on the Warner Brothers Studio Tour to see behind the magic. Again, it’s impossible to explain everything you can see in London in two paragraphs. You’ll have to choose your own route.

Bordeaux, France

If you’re a big traveler then you’ve most likely been to Paris at some point in your life. It’s a beautiful city and you most likely wouldn’t argue with that but it’s not all there is to France. As mentioned over at, the city of Bordeaux is well worth visiting. There are thousands of stunning vineyards to explore to the east of this city so find some time to squeeze those into your visit. After that, you should simply wander through the streets of Bordeaux and bask in the glory of its amazing bars and restaurants.

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