First Time Camping: Are You Sure You’re Cut Out for It?

People don’t seem to go camping as much as they used to – perhaps because there’s much more to do at home these days when compared to a couple of decades ago or so. This increased comfort that we feel with staying indoors makes camping seem more of a challenge than it actually is. Of course, those who do decide to go camping may also find that camping in indeed more challenging than many assume it to be!

Camping is a brilliant activity, one that helps you deepen important life skills, appreciate nature, and get away from the hustle and bustle of the average daily life. But it’s essential that you don’t head out there if you think you’re not cut out for it. But whether or not you are cut out for it isn’t something you should assume you know the answer to.

If it’s your first time camping you are not alone.

We’re going to take a look at some of the important things you need to factor into your decision, as well as some tips that should help you out if you’re not feeling all that confident.

Can you pitch a tent?

Perhaps one of the most common mistakes that people make in this area is that they head out somewhere without knowing how to pitch a tent, or how to pitch the specific tent they’ve brought along with them. Even a pitched tent may not be stable enough to see you through the night if it hasn’t been done correctly!

There are loads of tips for tent pitching over at However you go about it, make sure you practice pitching that tent at least a couple of times in your garden or in a nearby field, before you head out on your trip.


Are you prepared for the varying temperatures?

You’re going to need to know how to deal with heat and cold. When the summer sun is blazing, people tend to make a lot of mistakes – more so than in colder weather. People tend up half-baking themselves by not camping in the shade, or by using suffocating tent material. You can read more about tent materials at There are certain types that are better for cold weather and others that are more suited to dealing with sunlight.

Dealing with the cold tends to have more obvious solutions – campfires, blankets, etc. But you need to be careful not to rely on a campfire too much! Make sure you know how to make one and put it out safely. This is another thing you may want to practice locally, if possible.

Do you know the area?

It’s not wise to go camping without having first explored the area. Even those who have camped many times before should scout a location if it’s the first time they’re going to camp there. You might be able to get away without scouting if you’re going to an established national park site – you can read more about this at In general, you’ll need to find a good camping spot, get a feel of the temperatures and natural resources, research the nearby wildlife… going out there without this information may put you in danger!


  1. Stacey Roberson

    I remember my first time camping – I was in girl scouts and about 10 years old. I remember waking the first morning and there were a bunch of weird bugs in the tent. My parents were called to pick me up because I was not staying another night.

  2. ellen beck

    I love to camp but havent done it for years. Hubby was a Marine and said he has had enough 🙂 I would also add to your tips about being prepared for weather having enough water food and firewood.

  3. Sharon

    My love for camping started all the way back when I was a kid in Girl Scouts. Now that I’m older though, I tend to opt for the conveniences of modern life but I still enjoy it.

  4. Amanda Hoffman

    I love camping but it’s been awhile . Love that you say do you know your area . When I was a little girl my parents thought we found the perfect camping spot. But turns out people were shooting. Hunting or Target practice I don’t know but was scary.

  5. Tina W

    I used to have a seasonal trailer spot for summers with my ex. Even though the town we lived in was at 3500′ elevation, people would come up to the lake (approx 8500′) not realizing it would get cold in a big hurry when the sun went down. I learned to keep old sweatshirts and extra socks on hand to keep visitors from freezing. We also ended up with lots of overnight guests who we wouldn’t let drive back down the twisty-turny roads after spending the day drinking.

    My tip: ALWAYS take more than you think you need, because you never know.

  6. Dianna

    I do not like tent camping….much too attached to modern conveniences! This summer we purchased a travel trailer. I wasn’t on board until I saw how nice they are inside. It’s basically a house on wheels. We have taken it out several times and LOVE it!

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