Fun With Milk Crates | Stuffed Animal Storage

So much fun trying to get the kid’s rooms ready for the holidays and new toys and just to get organized in our new house!
The biggest problem we have when it comes to their rooms (mainly my daughter) are all of her stuffed animals. Big and small they are literally EVERYWHERE!

 photo 20150925_204120_zpskyc0kwh5.jpg photo 20150925_204104_zpsarkebsjo.jpg photo 20150925_204056_zps9ufy99ed.jpg photo 20150925_204111_zpsfyapgewu.jpg

It was definitely time to find a way to corral all these little guys in a nice simple (cheap) way. Here was the solution:

 photo stuffed animal storage_zpswvtjfso1.jpg

After some slight assembly:

 photo MilkCrate Storage_zps9dsb2set.jpg

We have the completed project:

 photo Suffed Animal Storage_zps1adzdrsi.jpg

All-in-all it was a pretty simple storage solution and cheap and quick to build.

How do you handle your toy storage problems?

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