Getting Around Australia Needn’t Be A Mission

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world, and one of the least densely populated. Its cities are in clusters with miles in between each one. As a result, visiting Australia can be frustrating. There’s so much to see and do, but getting around can often be daunting. Fortunately, there are now many quick and cheap transport services for getting around this traveling country, so much so that it needn’t be a challenge. If you’ve always wanted to see the Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and Ayers Rock, but never thought you could fit them all into one journey, here’s proof that you can.

Make use of internal flights

In years gone by, Australia had only two domestic airlines – Quantas and Virgin. Due to a lack of competition, both airlines felt they didn’t have to beat one another’s prices. However, in recent years other airlines have sprung up such as Jetstar and Tiger Air. Largely catering to those on a budget, these airlines have made it much easier for your everyday person to jet around the country.  This can often be a great solution for those wanting to city hop without having to spend long journey times between each place. Use flight comparison sites such as Skyscanner to get the best deal and try to fly during non-busy times to reduce rates further.

Take a backpacker bus

A cheaper but less speedy alternative to internal flights is taking a backpacker bus. These operate all around the country and are a great way of seeing the whole country on a shoestring. The Oz Experience is a specialist bus service for backpackers that most people choose. A more social option is to take a Greyhound bus, in which group interaction is encouraged (for those travelling solo, this can often be a much more useful travel option).

Get a rental car

To fully customize your route around the country, why not hire a car or a minivan. Hiring a vehicle is more expensive than other options, but has got much more affordable in recent years as demand and competition have increased. There are many popular road trip routes across the country. You can find an affordable car hire in Perth and then head onto Broome or Darwin. Alternatively you can travel the east coast from Sydney to Brisbane (you can even go beyond onto Cairns).

Soak up city deals on public transport

When it comes to navigating around cities, this too can be hard work. Take Sydney for example, which is huge in the area and impossible to explore entirely by foot. Many families and groups going to Sydney will pay for a My Multi Pass. This allows you free unlimited access on all public transport within the city center including trains, ferries, and buses. You can even take a trip to the Blue Mountains via a bus using this pass. Another option is a pre-loaded Opal Card, better for those traveling alone.

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