Glad Bags After the Wild Life

Being a mom of two growing kids I deal with messes in almost every shape and size. Glad Bags have been a faithful friends for years and has made my life so much easier. So when i learned that I had the chance to review the Glad Black Bags.
After using them to clean up a few messes around the house left over from Halloween (my husband brought home these HUGE…but amazing pumpkins that had seen better days for sure) I was excited to see that the biggest mess so far was able to be handled by the Glad Black Bags.

Keeping control is key when trying to maintain messes around my house. Especially as the holidays approach, we will have family moving in and out of the house, my sister in-law with her two HUGE dogs. Now that my son has started Kindergarten he has made friends that will be visiting and spending the day and all of this means additional messes and more clean-up opportunities. As Christmas approaches I remember Christmas morning once we unpacked all of the presents and all of the wrapping paper and opened toy boxes are all over the floor and then having to get everything cleaned up to get the house ready for family and I usually have 5 bags lined up to go outside. Thanks to the power of ForceFlex I can put all that I need into the bag and not worry about it breaking.

After the Wild Life

Glad Bags has partnered with Tori Spelling (TV Actress and mom of four) to host OMG Extra – After the Wild Life. After the Wild Life is a Facebook series that features loveable…yet messy animals from last year series The Wild Life. If you have not heard of it…or even if you have…head over to After the Wild Life Facebook Tab and like Glad Bags on Facebook page. While there have fun playing the Missing in the Mess game.

*I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Glad. I received products to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

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