Go Eco With Your Business This Summer

If you want to make a positive change in your business this year, you may want to consider thinking of making it more eco friendly. Our planet and environment have been suffering for many years due to our way of life, and it is time for us to give something back and be more careful with our home. If you want to keep your business eco-friendly this year, here’s how to do it.




Shipping and haulage are usually the most harmful parts of our business because we are emitting harmful fuel into the environment and causing issues on our roads too. However, to make our trucks more eco-friendly this year, we can use a substance known as DEF. Diesel exhaust fluid can be bought from places such as PEAK C&I and take up a small tank under your bonnet. They are effective in lowering NOx emissions, allowing your truck to run for longer and making it more reliable.


Office Supplies

One of the single biggest expenditures we have to worry about in our offices is office supplies. From paper to ink, pens, and pencils, staples and sticky tape: all of these items cost a huge sum every month and it wastes a lot of resources. The best way to combat this is to start limiting the amount your employees are able to print in the workplace, start working on tablet programs such as OneNote, and think about cutting down on the free pens too.



Procurement is the first line in the chain of your business and therefore needs to be made as eco-friendly as possible. You can partake in something known as green procurement, which makes sure that you only source materials for your business through natural and eco-friendly means. You can help other green companies make ends meet and supply local businesses with a means of support. You can become a much better business from this and it can make a huge difference to your local community.



Postage will always be a huge cost to your business due to the sheer volume of product which you ship out every single day to your customers. The best way to make your postage more eco-friendly is to go for biodegradable and recycled postage materials. Make sure also that you update your mailing lists so that you aren’t sending out letters to families who will simply throw it away and waste the paper.




If you are looking for ways to update your office space you can start looking for secondhand pieces and even on sites like eBay for discounted items. If you want to be eco-friendly it is always better to find a use for older items instead of forking out for new pieces. There are even some antique stores and auctions which you will be able to find furniture that is unique, tells a story and will bring some character and personality to your office space. It will make a big difference it the overall standard of the office.

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