How to Be the Best Gamer You Can Be

Do you love gaming? Do you want to wipe the floor with your friends and show them who really is the boss next time you have a video game marathon? Check out these neat tips to help you be the best gamer you can be:


Buy the Right Tools

They say that a bad workman always blames his tools, and it’s true that if you’re a bad gamer, buying a new improved controller won’t give you much a boost, but if you’re already pretty good at beating the competition, investing in one of the top 10 gaming mouse products here or investing in a competition controller could take your gaming skills to the next level fairly rapidly.


Exercise Your Fingers

It might seem silly at first, but working out your fingers and thumbs will really help you to be better whether you’re playing a vintage NES game or the latest installment of Red Dead Redemption. So, start having fun with thumb wars and flexing your fingers to ensure that you’re faster than everyone else.


Increase Your Gaming Knowledge

We all know that knowledge is power and that applies to gaming as much as it does anything else. So, if you want to be the gaming king or queen, start reading gaming magazines, watching other gamers play through their favorite titles and reading the manuals that come with your favorite games. You’ll gain a greater understanding of the format, which will help you to improve your performance over time.

Play Online

Although playing solo can be pretty difficult, it doesn’t offer the same level of challenge as playing real life people online who have varying skills and different ways of thinking. If you want to be able to anticipate every move, a player could make and sharpen your skills, so that you can beat your friends, playing online, and playing with as many different people as possible is the way to do it.

Practice, Practice, Practice

If you’re truly dedicated to being the best gamer you need to be, you’re going to need a lot of coffee, and even more spare time because, by far, the best way to get really great at gaming is to spend a lot of time practicing it. Just try to bear in mind that there is more to life than video games and, I dunno, go out and hang with friends or take a hike in nature once a while.

Gamify Life

If you want always to be ready to beat challengers at any given moment, why not make all of life a game? Set yourself little challenges throughout the day and do your best to beat them. This will get you into winning mode and ensure that you stay competitive so that when you are unleashed on Call of Duty, no one stands a chance of getting the better of you, a person who lives and breathes gaming.

Are you a great gamer? What are your top tips for getting better and beating the competition?

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