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How to Persuade an Indoor Person to Enjoy The Outside



The great outdoors is full of excitement and drama but try telling that to an indoor person! Indoor people tend to prefer books and games over walking and camping. They like their creature comforts and the thought of spending a night under the stars is definitely not on their bucket list.


However, it is possible to bring an indoor person out of their cave. It might take some patience and persuasion but giving your loved one a chance to see nature as it was intended is an incredible gift to be able to give.

Start With the Basics

If you want to persuade an indoor person that the outdoors could be for them, you have to start small. Give them a chance to shop for the right equipment – Outdoor Gear Only is a great place to read up on various products – and kit themselves out. It is natural for an indoor person to assume that they need far more than they really do. Don’t point this out – let them figure it out for themselves!


One of the main reasons that indoor people get worried about being outdoors is that they don’t feel prepared. Your job as the outdoor-lover is to show them that they don’t need that much to feel comfortable. Even an evening under the stars experimenting with s’mores could be the small step they need to realize outside might just be okay.

Make Your Trip Fun

Making your trip fun for an indoor person is not the same as for an outdoor person. You might like going running up mountains, but foraging for berries or going for a picnic might be more their speed. If you turn the trip into a game, they are much more likely to enjoy themselves than if the only reason for being outdoors is climbing a big hill.


Playing games as you walk is a good way to stay occupied and it’s not just kids who enjoy trail games. The more ridiculous you can make the rules, the more fun you will have. Keep the mood light and the game going for as long as possible to get to your destination.

Be Prepared to Compromise

As an outdoorsy person, it probably doesn’t take much to persuade you to go hiking up a mountain. But an indoor person needs some more enticing. For a start, you need to reassure them that the outdoors doesn’t have to be an intense lesson in survival. Going to a location with nearby facilities isn’t going to make the experience any less valuable.

Similarly, following a particular trail is a really good idea. This will reassure your indoorsy friend that you know where you are and give them a chance to learn how to map read too. There are lots of trails you can choose from so pick a route that is relatively easy to accomplish in an afternoon to begin with. If your friend gets a good first impression, they might just be tempted to come along on another outdoor adventure.

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