Ice Road Truckers – Could You Survive?

My husband being an ex-over the road truck driver this show is definitely one of his favorites.

Have you heard about the TV show Ice Road Truckers? It’s become really popular over the last few years as many viewers are shocked at the extremely dangerous conditions that these guys have to drive in.

It follows truck drivers who need to drive their vehicles through some very remote areas or Alaska and northern Canada. And, yep, you’ve guessed it – there’s a whole lot of ice on the roads! In fact, in some very extreme areas, the roads are made entirely out of sheets of ice. As you can tell, driving through these conditions can be extremely treacherous and dangerous. It requires a lot of skill and safety knowledge so that the drivers don’t end up in some very precarious situations. But, even though it takes a lot of guts and nerve to drive through these icy regions, it can certainly be extremely fun!

Even though you might not live anywhere near Alaska or northern Canada, it’s still fun to think about whether you’d be able to survive as an Ice Road Trucker. Do you think you’ve got what it takes? Here are some things you need out on those scary ice road.

A Suitable Truck

If you haven’t got the right set of wheels, then you ain’t going far, that’s for sure! You probably won’t be able to buy the exact same trucks that the Ice Road Truckers use as they are incredibly expensive because of all the special additions they have for getting through all that snow and ice. But if you search truckdealersaustralia.com.au then you should be able to find a similarly impressive truck that is more suited to the terrain in your local area. It might not be as impressive as the trucks that the Truckers have, but it will still look good and impress all your friends. Of course, these trucks are hugely expensive, so you might just have to settle with imagining driving a truck while you watch the show!


Ok, so it won’t be all that hot outside driving through snow and ice, but you should still wear your sunglasses while you are behind the wheel. Wondering why that is? It’s because there is still a lot of bright sunshine in these regions, even though the temperatures aren’t that warm. And all that snow reflects the bright sun right into your eyes. This can be quite serious if you don’t have your sunnies on and can cause sun blindness. This occurs when the UV rays burn the cornea. Drivers who are working in high-altitude regions are at an especially high risk of this health condition.

Polar Bear Awareness

Truckers aren’t the only things roaming around on all those icy roads – it’s polar bear country, so they need to be very aware of these cute-looking creatures. But their cute appearance can be very deceptive. In actual fact, these cuddly bears are one of the biggest predators in the entire world! So, if you aren’t keen on the possibility of being a polar bear’s dinner, then becoming an Ice Road Trucker probably isn’t the career for you! But even though some truckers come into contact with these bears, they don’t always end up being on the menu. As long as the truckers don’t panic and run, then the bears tend to leave them alone thank goodness!

Plenty Of Warm Clothes

There’s lots of snow and ice out there in Ice Road Trucker country, so you can expect it to be absolutely freezing! Because of this, the Truckers need to wrap up very warm. Plenty of layers are key to keeping the chill off, and making sure that all of those layers are made of suitable materials is also critical. If they don’t wrap up well enough, then they will experience circulation problems, and their blood pressure could rise to dangerous levels. Gloves and a winter pair of boots are also essential as they can help to keep the extremities nice and warm as well.

Food And Drink Supplies

There aren’t any supermarkets or highway service stations out on the ice roads, so the truckers need to make sure that they pack enough food and drink for their journeys. High-energy snacks like the ones from turbosnacks.com.au are really beneficial as they provide extra calories that the body can use to keep warm. Water is also important, as the drivers need to stay well hydrated when trying to concentrate behind the wheel.  

State Of The Art Tech

Sometimes, the Ice Road Truckers need to head to drop-off and pick-up locations that they haven’t visited before. There are no road signs out on the ice roads, nor any obvious landmarks that can help direct them. So, the drivers need to have plenty of state of the art technology in their truck so that they can get all the maps they need so that they don’t get lost. Plus, all that tech helps them keep in touch with their base and their destination. They can always get back in touch with their base if they ever run into any problems.

Years Of Driving Experience

All of the Ice Road Truckers are experts behind the wheel and have been driving trucks in much better terrains for years. Without this vast experience, they wouldn’t be able to hack it out on the ice roads. Driving the trucks in Alaska and northern Canada is a lot more extreme than driving these huge vehicles anywhere else in the world, and so any truckers who want a shot at becoming an Ice Road Trucker really do need to be the best in their field. After all, putting any novices out on these dangerous roads could be a risk for other drivers, as some truckers might have to be sent out to rescue them if they ever get stuck.

So, as you can see, life as an Ice Road Trucker is certainly a lot more difficult than what it looks when you watch it on TV. I think I might just stay at home and continue watching… what about you?

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