The Little Things Are The Biggest Driver Dangers

According to the stats, driving is the most dangerous form of transport. Yet, every time you get behind the wheel, you feel as safe as houses. And, it is for that reason why driving is often deadly. Motorists assume the significant causes such as driving under the influence are the major causes of accidents. In truth, it’s the small things because they go under the radar and escalate out of control.

With that in mind, below are the small hazards that are the leading causes of car accidents.

Driving Tired

“I’m tired but I’ll be able to make it back no problem.” For the majority of people, that statement won’t sound alien because tiredness never seems like an issue. Let’s face it – you’re never going to fall asleep at the wheel. Sadly, thousands of people do on a yearly basis. In fact, the number is close to 100 million according to the Drowsy Driving website. As a percentage, it’s about 33% of adult drivers in the United States. Whenever you feel fatigued behind the wheel, pull over or stop at a service station. A quick power nap should be enough to re-energize your brain and get you home safely.

Playing With Appliances

Everyone knows how dangerous cell phones are in cars. Indeed, governments around the world have taken action and banned them altogether. If you are one of the few who continue to text or answer calls behind the wheel, please stop. No, it isn’t a conspiracy because messing around with a cell does impact your focus. The same goes for the radio. Drivers assume there is a difference between the two, but there isn’t. Tuning into a different station or turning up the volume are sure-fire ways to take your eyes off the road. Unfortunately, a moment is all it takes.

People Watching

We have all honked a friend or stared at a pretty girl or guy while on the road. Seemingly, it’s all fun and games which result in smiles and laughter. However, watching pedestrians does mean your eyes aren’t trained on the road. To pinpoint this, Stephen Babcock and partners deal with multiple cases involving pedestrians. Yes, it is essential to watch out for potential hazards which may result in a crash. Still, the key is to use peripheral vision and maintain contact with the road and motorists in front.

Drafting Trucks

Another cause of personal accident injuries is drafting. In simple terms, a car gets close up to a truck and uses their size to reduce drag and air resistance. If you don’t know why this is beneficial, it’s for fuel consumption purposes. Driving behind a trailer may not seem dangerous, but they are sharp on the brakes. A motorist who is too close will crash into the back of the truck. And, because of the height differential, it could be fatal. As a rule, always give the vehicle in front plenty of space.

Do you do any of the above? If the answer is yes, it’s time to drop the deadly bad habits.

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