Make the trip back to school fun with the Hoover-1 Electric Scooter

Back to school came so much faster this year and I know I may be the typical parent, but I wish it would last longer, but it’s incredible to see the kids so excited for the new school year. My oldest rides the bus to middle school, but the elementary school is not far so we can walk, but she enjoys taking her bike or her scooter as long as the weather is on our side.

The biggest issue with her riding is that the sidewalk doesn’t go all the way down to the school. There is a section where it is just grass and dirt, and her bike has no issues, but we needed a scooter with bigger tires, so we took a look at the Hover-1 Journey Electric Scooter.

The features that drew us to this particular scooter:

Battery Life

Now, we have had electric scooters in the past, but I spent more time charging it up for them then the time they spent riding it. The Hover-1 allows for 16-mile battery life, so that means no constant charging and more ride time.

Safety, Speed, and Storage

So this scooter moves with a top speed of 14 MPH which she would not (yes I am just a pinch of overprotective mama), but I may give it go. 

So with school starts at 7:45 in the morning it’s still darkish, so this has a bright LED headlight for safety.

When it comes to storage we have a special space in the garage for both of their bikes and scooters, but this folds down, and at only 27 pounds it is not too heavy to cart around for her. 

Where To Buy 

It seems like we are always at Best Buy, but hey they usually have everything we are looking for, for our little techy family. The Hoover-1 and boards can be found online and in select stores. 

This post is sponsored by Best Buy.


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