Making Those Healthy Switches In Life

Being healthy doesn’t mean that you have to change everything in your life. The thing that puts people off from making that switch to a healthy lifestyle is because they think that they have to completely rehaul their whole lives. When it doesn’t have to be that way. The key word is ‘switch’, leading a healthier life doesn’t have to mean that you become a gym bunny overnight, and eat only clean foods, you can still eat those treats and have lazy Sundays. You just need to make some healthy switches in your life, to push the balance into the healthy section.


Switching food choices is the big one. We all get so used to the same meals and the same snacks, that it seems like such a huge change. But in reality, it doesn’t have to be. A switch doesn’t have to be huge; switch milk chocolate to dark. You still get your chocolate fix, but with less fat, less sugar, and you’re more likely to eat less of it.  Switch your usual chips to baked chips, or quinoa chips. When it comes to your meals, replace red meat with white meat or fish. Even try meat-free Mondays. And switch the bad habit of skipping meals to three set meals a day. Graze on healthy snacks like nuts and berries. For dessert, ditch the sugary fro-yo for low-fat, or coconut yogurt with fresh fruit.


It’s easy for someone to say ‘go decaf’ but it’s rarely that simple. So go half-caf, half decaf and half caffeinated. Drop down to one shot of coffee. Switch your sugar for honey or coconut oil. Try mint and green tea instead of black tea. Get rid of sugary fizzy pop like coke, for carbonated water – you still get the fizzy feeling, without all the sugar. A lot of what we eat and drink stems from habit, so when you feel yourself reaching for a bottle of pop or an energy drink, grab some cucumber water, or unsweetened iced tea instead.


It’s time to swap the car for public transport, to walk wherever you can, or even bike – check if your work has a cycle to work scheme that you can get on. Public transport forces you to do a little bit of walking every day, plus it is so much better for the environment. You also get that little bit extra time to get ready in the morning and prep for the day. You can catch up on emails or do your morning scroll through social media.

Swap those scales for a mirror. Having a healthy view of yourself isn’t about what you weigh, its about being happy in your own skin. If you feel good and think you look good then it doesn’t matter what number appears on those scales. Get a good quality, full-length mirror, and be happy with the person smiling back at you.

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