Making Use Of Travel Space – Space-saving On The Go

It can be hard to ensure that you’ve got enough room when you’re traveling around – especially if your campervan feels like it’s fit to burst already. But have you had a look at it and seen what you can make of the space that is there to be utilized? The chances are that there is a lot more that you can work with than you had originally thought. Every gap, every bit of surface that hasn’t been touched by or with something, is an opportunity missed. While you don’t want to overload your vehicle, there is still the possibility of bringing in lightweight options which will be more than enough to get you through what you need to use it for. When you have children traveling with you especially, the necessity of space as they grow is more needed than ever.


Most campervans and homes on wheels have the space saving solutions of chairs/sofas which fold out into beds. There are even ones available where you can have a table and chair setup for when you’re eating dinner which then transforms into bed at night. If you haven’t got this option already in your campervan, it’s one to consider. There are professionals all over the world who can fit it in for you if you are not able to do it yourself. This is just something that will be able to make it into a double bed for adults; if you have children to consider, think about moving upwards with their beds, such as looking at Cuckooland bunk beds for children. This will be able to give you a good idea of how best to incorporate this style of bed into your moving home; some aren’t spacious enough to put in ready-made ones and have to have them fitted, but it’s a brilliant concept all the same.

Clothes Storage

There is a lot of space which is wasted having things straight on the floor rather than elevated. The elevation acts as storage that can be used underneath. Some ideas can be taken from storage solutions offered by companies such as IKEA, with the likes of day beds which have drawers on the bottoms being a good point for you to start from.

If there isn’t room to pull out drawers in the space that you have available, you have to think outside the box – mattresses can be removed from beds to make use of the space underneath so that you are taking the direction upwards rather than outwards. It can be useful to store things other than clothes underneath, too – think of all of the bedding accessories such as duvet covers and pillows which would otherwise be taking up space. If you have a duvet which would be taking up space on a bed that has been converted out of a table and chairs, you can fold this up and put it into a handmade cushion cover as a useful decoration to have on the show.


  1. ellen beck

    This is a good article for those with campers. I like the elevation solution. As long as things are secure, it isnt a problem. We used to have a camper, I wish we had been able to keep it!

  2. Marti Tabora

    I try to use all my space wisely when I pack, this is really good information especially the advice about storage under beds.

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