Miami Activities That Won’t Cost An Arm And Leg

Miami seems like the kind of place that would be too expensive for a simple day out. Even after deciding a trip there is a fantastic, relaxing idea, choosing what to do can feel like you’re wasting precious vacation time.

‘But there’s so much to do!’ I hear you cry. We have a few tips and ideas to get you into the surfing spirit. Just check out that sunrise below and bask in the view you won’t want to miss out on.

Head Over To The Beach

This is such a simple idea but people forget that access to the beach is constant. Plenty of beautiful water to practice with the kids in or splash your partner with. Expanses of sandy dunes to lounge and bound over!

This is especially significant to Miami due to the perfect beach weather, and a number of beaches available to you! To find out more about a specific beach you can head to Miami and beaches.


However, this kind of sandy and sunny activity isn’t for everyone, despite its free status. If you’re looking for some real and personalized fun that amounts to below the $50 mark, you can find out more here. It’s a necessary look when you have a strict budget to stick to.

So you’ve decided it’s worth it to branch out and splash a little bit of your hard earned cash around. Good for you! Listed below are a few places I think are worth a mention for anyone’s trip to Miami.

For A Scientific Experience

A popular destination for those of us on a budget and the lucky rich folk alike is the Frost Science Museum. Once again, this place lies on the waterfront, so you still won’t be missing any important views whilst you surf a den of technological innovation.

Their website is pretty accessible, offering links to planning for all kinds of groups and parking facilities.


For The Artistic Ones

The next one is the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami. Recently renovated, it even offers kid-friendly events to show them the wonders of creating something wild. If your little one is a little older than that, the Teen Workshops available are sure to go down a storm.

It’s a great potential family day out, admission is cheap, and any upcoming events are listed as free.


For A Classic Taste Of Miami

For a historical and culturally rich taste of Miami’s past, head to Little Havana. This is a small Cuban neighborhood in Miami and offers the best insight into the ample landscape of Miami’s slopes.

Welcome To Little Havana Calle Ocho

There’s plenty of little cafes to get your teeth into, and the affordability even survives the lunchtime rush.

It’s never easy to plan a vacation, even without factoring in what the kids want and how much you have left in the piggy bank. But finding a good day out, or a nice spot of lunch doesn’t have to cost arms and legs.


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