Mind The Pot Hole: Preparing For Dangerous Roads On Your Trip

We’re all accustomed to the occasional pothole on the roads. In fact, most of us know them so well we purposefully avoid them or slow down. Such is the joy of driving the same routes each day. But, when you’re embarking on a road trip, things are different. After all, you’re sure to drive on roads you’ve never come across. And, if you’re driving in new countries, you may come up against roads unlike any you’ve known previously. After all, each country has different standards and regulations. Within the western world, you can be pretty sure of smooth cement options. But, straying further afield could see you on roads which haven’t been maintained, and even dirt tracks in unpopulated areas.

If you aren’t careful, dalliances on dangerous roads like these could lead to trouble. So, before you head off, consider the following.

The vehicle


The vehicle you take with you will have a significant impact on how well you get along on these roads. A small car is sure to struggle and could cause real trouble for the duration of the trip. It’ll undoubtedly have difficulty over all those dirt tracks, and may well be unable to continue at points. To avoid that happening, it’s worth looking into cars with off-road capabilities, or even getting a truck to do the trick. If you go on road trips often, it may be worth looking into a permanent upgrade. Or, you might want to hire a vehicle for the duration of your time away. That way, you can take on any road, and rest easy that your car is safe at home.

An accident plan

Being unfamiliar with these roads also puts you at increased risk of accidents. For one, driving over multiple potholes too fast could lead to your car flipping. It’s possible, too, that the locals will lose patience and take risks to overtake you. If either of these happens, it’s crucial you have a plan in place. That means keeping a notebook with all the numbers you might need. If your car is damaged, keep handy a list of local repair companies and hotels. If you’re in an accident caused by someone else losing patience, don’t wait until you’re back home to call an injury lawyer. Instead, take their number along with you and contact them straight away. Flat tires are also a possibility on potholed roads, so always keep an adequate repair kit handy.



Avoid scenic routes where possible

When we’re traveling, we all want to see as much of a country as possible. As such, you may be tempted to pick the scenic options when planning your routes. But, this can lead to real trouble. Bear in mind that, often, routes which aren’t used fall into disrepair, and can even become impassable. And, you certainly don’t want to drive for hours, only to find you need to turn back. Sometimes, you’ll have no choice. But, wherever you can, it’s worth opting for the most straightforward routes instead.

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