Motorcycle Safety: The Lowdown


Four wheels are safer than two, right? Well, that’s what some people would try to have you believe, as motorcycles are still suffering from a poor safety reputation. But, in actual fact, there are no hard facts or stats that prove that riding a motorcycle really is a lot less safer than driving in a car.


As with any kind of transport, there are ways of riding that are completely safe and ways that will put you at a high risk of accidents. So, how do you ride a motorcycle as safely as possible? Read on to find out more!




Always Wear The Right Gear


The first precaution you should take is wearing the right kind of clothing when you are on your bike. A helmet is an absolute must. A good helmet will protect your head in the event that you ever come off your bike. If yours ever gets damaged or even just slightly dented, you will need to replace it as damaged helmets are nowhere near as effective as they should be. You also need to make sure that you have top-quality leathers that you can wear. You need a leather jacket, trousers, and gloves. These will protect your skin if you fall off and will prevent most scratches, cuts, and grazes. You can shop for new ones at


Stick To The Rules Of The Road


The rules of the road are in place for a reason – they are there to keep you and other road users safe at all times. Some motorcycle riders sometimes believe that they are above these rules and that they can drive how they like. That really isn’t wise, though, and it can put them in extreme danger. You can read at for more insight into just how bad the consequences of a motorcycle accident can be. It’s certainly not something you ever want to face. So, be sure to learn the rules of the road and stick to them, so that all of your bike rides can be safe and enjoyable.




Stay Sober


It is always important that you are completely sober when you are in control of a bike. Not only is this for your own safety, but it will also help to keep other road users safe as well. When you drink or use drugs, you will find that your concentration starts to get a low worse and your reaction times will also decline. As you can tell, that’s not ideal for riding a bike!


Carry Out Pre-Ride Bike Checks


Before you jump on the back of your bike and hit the road, you should always carry out some safety checks. It’s necessary to do these before each journey so that you are 100% sure your bike is in a fit state to drive. You can find out which checks are important to carry out online.


Riding a motorcycle can be really enjoyable and, as you can see, it doesn’t have to be at all dangerous!



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