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You Need To Know How To Deal With Your First Car Breakdown

Navigating the rules of the road becomes less of an exercise of critical thinking and more of an instinctually felt language the longer you practice it. This is good; it’s important for you to train yourself driving well to the point where it comes naturally and allows you to flourish on the road. Unfortunately, you will never be able to predict with 100% certainty if your car is going to break down or not.

If you’re otherwise unprepared for this, you might be taken by surprise. Believe it or not, even premium cars designed by the best car manufacturers in the world (largely in Germany,) will break down on you once in awhile.

How do you best deal with this? If you’re used to driving premium cars like Audi and BMW, then you’re likely not too used to having to deal with a roadside breakdown. Luckily, you’re reading this article, and now you can learn how.

Regular Servicing

The best solution is always a preventative measure. It’s important that your car is regularly declared roadworthy. Your regular servicing should be taken every six months to a year.

Pull Over

If you feel your car is slowing down, or you are losing control of it, pull over to the right or the left depending on what your traffic laws state. On narrow roads, you might need to pull onto the curb, as long as there are no people around. Use your best judgment.

Leave (If Appropriate)

Assess if you can safely leave your vehicle. It’s important to get out on the side that isn’t opening into traffic, especially if you’ve broken down on a highway or busy main road. Clamber over your car seats and get out on the safest side if possible. It will be awkward, but it’s preferable to an opening in high-speed traffic.

Roadside Cover

The first solution to a breakdown is enacted long before breaking down is actually a possibility. Even if you are driving the most reliable car in the world, it’s important to purchase competent breakdown cover that can help you achieve roadside towing or repair if the worst comes to worst. You’ll certainly feel the burden of a breakdown even more if your insurance doesn’t cover your roadside mishap, and you need to pay upfront for a tow. You will always, always need to be covered for this. Never, in a vain effort to save money, neglect purchasing breakdown cover. It will be stipulated in the road laws of your country as to whether this is a requirement or not, but just be safe and purchase it outright.

Repair Work

Once your car has been towed, it’s important to commission a mechanic repair service to help you. If you’re looking for even more satisfying results, it’s important to make sure that the mechanic you go to have a specialty for mending your certain make of car. This way you will be able to find the cheapest replacement parts and have the most satisfactory completed result.

As you’ve no doubt noticed with this list, breaking down can largely be avoided by correct preparation, and if you do break down, it can be rectified with better preparation. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll have a largely stress-free road experience.


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