From New York To Florida: Your East Coast Road Trip

The East Coast of the USA is renowned for its exciting sceneries and attractions. Nowhere else can you hop from the most prominent cities in the countries to the best preserved historical landmarks from the American War of Independence via breath-taking mountains and sandy beaches. So it’s only natural to consider a road trip from New York to Florida to discover the secrets of the East Coast of America. Whether you’re dreaming of revolutionary battles, trendy urban lifestyle or sunny surfing contests, you will find something that makes your heart go boom along the way. As with any road trip adventure, it’s not the destination that matters: It’s the journey.

#1 Establish your route

As adventurous as road trips sound, when you decide to embark on such a long distance with so many historical, social, geographic and popular landmarks, you can’t just pack a map, a bag, and hope for the best. You need to sit down and decide over the route you want to take. While the quickest route from New York City to Miami takes about 20 hours of continuous driving, it’s likely to be also the most frequented route. You may want to explore less popular alternatives so that you can sit down and enjoy the drive through amazing landscapes. And here’s the catchphrase about your East Coast road trip: Amazing landscapes. So how can you best plan for a scenic trip? Start with the purchase of a road atlas. Google Maps and GPS devices can be only that good. The one thing they are not brilliant at is giving you the scenic route at all times — although Rand McNally and Navigon have partnered to improve this area. If you’re stuck for scenic ideas, request a brochure from the US Department of Transportation’s National Scenic Byway Program.

#2. Highlight the essential places you want to see

It’s not a road trip if there’s no room for freedom and exploration. If you’re starting your road trip in New York, spend a day or two in NYC with no time constraint at all. This will help you to explore the Big Apple at your own pace and without getting stressed about your trip schedule. If the weather is nice, there’s a lot that you can do outside in NYC. For a start, you should take a look at the Gateway to America, Ellis Island — even though, it’s technically part of New Jersey. You can find an inspirational wall that extends around the grounds of the island with the name of the immigrants who stopped on Ellis Island.

A short drive away from NYC, stop in Philadelphia to see the Rocky Statue, You will find the famous Rocky Steps — they’re the Art Museum steps in reality — easily, and in fact, there’s always a short line of tourists waiting to take their picture with Rocky Balboa. If you’re all in for the social likes, post it on Instagram with the hashtag #visitphilly. Finally, plan some days to stay in Miami where you can hire a small boat via to see the coast from the ocean. For a classic taste of this beautiful city, head over to Little Havana which is the best spot to dive into the rich history of Florida and enjoy an affordable lunch in one of the little local cafes that have kept a taste for Cuban specialties. Needless to say that you’ll notice the culinary difference even more if you’ve loved the famous New Yorker donuts at the start of your trip!

#3. Time for budgeting and booking

Contrary to a pre-booked holiday, road trips can get quite expensive if you don’t budget them carefully. So to avoid any bad surprise, you should set a daily budget, or a budget per area of interest if you prefer. Book your accommodation in advance with, as this gives you the best opportunity to stay with the locals. You might even stumble across interesting facts and anecdotes about the places you’re visiting.

#4. The favorite itinerary for road trips

What’s the best itinerary for your road trip? It’s a difficult question as every road trip is different. As as a general rule of the thumb, as notes, most people tend to plan a stayover and a day in Washington D.C., in North Carolina, in Charlotte, and then in Florida to see Jacksonville, Orlando and finally Miami.

So check the oil and the brakes, pack your bag, and set for your adventure along the East Coast. There’s a lot to see and a lot to taste along the way. In other words, get your phone at the ready and prepare your hashtags in advance: The Instagram world is in need of a new road trip adventure. #MyEastCoastRoadTrip



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