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Pack Your Bags for Alabama

It’s a beautiful state with a lot to offer, from history and culture to natural wonders.  Try one of these fantastic ways to enjoy the Heart of Dixie.

Have a City Break

There are some amazing cities in Alabama that you’ll love if you’re looking for places to eat and drink, culture and history, and fun activities to do. The capital is Montgomery, a great place to visit if you want to explore the history of the Civil Rights Movement. You’ll also find some amazing cultural attractions, like the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts and the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. If you’re looking for the largest city in the state, you need to get to Birmingham. It’s another fantastic place for arts, history and culture, as well as sport. It also offers an incredible nightlife, with everything from laidback bars to clubs and live music.

Choose Relaxing Resorts

Another way to enjoy Alabama is to ensconce yourself in a resort. Rather than head for the city, you can enjoy somewhere that offers you everything you need on your doorstep, from restaurants to golf. The Grand Hotel Marriott Resort is one option you might consider, located in Point Clear, near Fairhope. The resort has golf courses, a pool complex, a spa, tennis courts, and a number of dining choices. Choosing a resort means you get everything you need, plus Alabama’s beautiful weather.

Eat Your Way Through Alabama

If there’s one thing you can’t miss when you visit Alabama, it’s the food. A foodie vacation is an amazing way to relax, and one of the few times you can give yourself permission to eat whatever and whenever you want. Alabama has a great food culture and plenty of local dishes you should make sure you try. Whether you’re looking for homely soul food or fine dining, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for. You might want to take a food tour of one of Alabama’s top cities or even of the whole state.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Alabama offers some of the most beautiful scenery and nature in the south. If you love the great outdoors, it’s an amazing place to visit. Hunting and fishing are popular pursuits, but if you prefer to admire nature from afar, there are plenty of ways to do that too. From getting out on a boat to camping, hiking and cycling, you can be as active or inactive as you like. You’ll find opportunities for birdwatching, rock climbing or just enjoying some cultivated gardens if you like things a little less wild.

If you’ve never considered Alabama as a hot vacation spot before, don’t write it off just yet. I recommend considering it for a range of different activities.

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