Pete’s Dragon Advanced Screening at Fort Wilderness Resort and Free Activity Pack

Of all the movies that I know and love from my childhood Pete’s Dragon is still one of my favorites! Since I am feeling nostalgic you have to also! Here is the original 1977 trailer for Petes Dragon.

I have never been to Fort Wilderness before so when I got invited to attend the screening I was just as excited about that as well as seeing the new movie. I will say this! The new movie is not what I would personally say was a remake of the original it had some similarities but it was in a league all its own! Not going into too much detail me and the kids were tears at quite a few spots in the movie, tears of saddness and from laughing too hard lol.

The most exciting part was getting a chance to meet Oakes Fegley, he plays Pete in the movie. Super sweet and talented young man. Here is some of his interview about his time at Disney and his time on set.

In Theater August 12th!

Here is the trailer for the new movie:

If I continue this post I am afraid I might give too much away! I think you all will really enjoy the film! Once you get a chance to see it please bookmark this page and comeback and let me know what you think!

Before you go off to the movie! Be sure to download the

Pete’s Dragon activity pack

In the meantime, check out more info and get your ticket to the film at Disney/Pete’s Dragon. Be sure to also check out movie info on their Facebook¬†page.

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