Plum- The Netflix For Baby Clothes

A new San Francisco start up is the Netflix for baby clothes??? I remember when my husband and I subscribed to Netflix the movies were boring and outdated but this does not seem to be the case with Plum. Many of the clothes offered are very adorable and they even offer clothing from one of my favorite organic clothing store Kate Quinn.

Plum offer three plans starting a $16 a month for two outfits, $29 a month for four outfits and $49 a month for seven outfits.

What happens if the clothing gets stained??? That was the first thought that came to mind as I remember the fun I had trying to keep my once 1 yr old daughter clean.

Plum seems to have it all worked out in the best possible way. The clothing that comes back that is unable to be salvaged gets donated to foster children in need or they will try to salvage as much stain-free fabric that they can and reuse them into handmade baby items.
For moms like me that worry about what the items are being washed in. They use Seventh Generation laundry products (for those that have not heard about it yet 7th generation just introduced their brand new paper bottle- watch the video here).
A problem that I see for me when it comes to signing up is that I cannot get anything for my son since they only go up to a 3T and my daughter is growing equally fast.
Is there a time limit to keep the clothes??? This is what is stated on the website:

We offer bundles of two, four or seven outfits at a time. You can send them back anytime you’d like within three months. We’ll send you a new bundle.

The fine print: If for some reason you aren’t able to send the bundle back to us, there will be a $10 per outfit fee.

If you decide to give it a try please let us all know about your experience.
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