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Prep Your Car For Your Business Travels

When you spend a lot of time on the road for work, you need to adjust your car so that it can become the natural extension of your workplace. It’s not a matter of how comfortable your seat is – although, it plays a significant role too in the pleasantness of a long drive – but of how business-ready your vehicle can be. When traveling is part of your work, it’s only natural to consider your mean of transport like a second office. Therefore, it’s absolutely crucial to find the best possible ways in which your mobile office can support your activities and needs on the road.


Business branded wraps


Brand it like a pro

Ultimately, if you use your car or van for work, it’s a good idea to make it part of your marketing campaign. Using professional vehicle wraps, you can make sure that your car displays your business logo and a catchy line. Or if you’re an independent consultant, you can choose to showcase elements of your portfolio and your contact details, for instance. In short, making your car remarkable is the best way to extend your reputation and brand awareness effortlessly. All it takes is to drive to your next appointment, and you’ve already reached new leads!



Think entertainment, but not too much

When you work from your car, you might want to add some entertainment gadgets to make the ride more enjoyable. However, the latest gadgets and gizmos can cost a couple of thousands of dollars, so it’s worth considering your options carefully. Eventually, practicality should win over entertainment, meaning that you need to ensure your safety on the road first. A GPS and radio can do wonder, but do you need a full-on stereo system that will increase your gas consumption and damage your concentration on the road?



Getting hungry on the road

When you drive long distances, you need to pack the essential food and drink in your car. For everyone who has to leave early, or to drive at night, a quality thermos that keeps your coffee warm and safe is indispensable. You want to be able to keep your drink hot for at least 4 hours and to seal the flask safely too as there’s nothing worse than accidentally spillage. You can also find flasks that will keep your cool drinks cool – because nobody likes to drink warm coke. There are also thermos containers that can keep your food warm for up to 7 hours, meaning you can enjoy a warm takeaway on the road.


How do you keep your drinks fresh?



Schedule your breaks

Last, but not least, you need to take regular breaks. It might be easier to plan when you’re traveling with friends or children on holiday. But for business road trips, the idea is often to cover as much distance as possible before you stop. Don’t push it too much. As a general rule of the thumb, you should stop every 2 to 3 hours to refocus your mind. If you can, it helps to schedule your breaks around interesting coffee shops and restaurants, so that you can stop for a treat every time!

Business travels can be pretty long and miserable if they’re not planned properly. So, from branding to eating, you can transform your trip into a success.


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