Protecting Yourself Physically and Mentally While Gaming

You may have read this title and thought ‘why do I need to protect myself physically and mentally when I’m gaming?’ If you did, then you’re probably not alone. The concept of having to protect yourself physically and mentally when gaming is a difficult one to understand. It’s difficult to understand because gaming, seemingly, doesn’t pose us humans any physical or mental dangers at all. It’s not an active sport in which bones can be broken. It’s not like cooking where burning can occur. It’s not a school test or assignment that can induce stress. But just because there are seemingly no upfront physical or mental dangers caused by gaming, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any underlying ones. Below you can find just a few of them, and you can also find out how to combat them.


You probably know of all of the ways to protect yourself online. But online threats from hackers and other cyber criminals aren’t the only things you should look out for as an avid gamer. No, physical plights can creep up on you whilst you game, and they can creep up on you before it’s too late. So, before it’s too late you need to take action. And one physical plight that you can take action against before it creeps up on you is bad posture. Sitting at a console or desk for large amounts of the day whilst gaming is going to mean bad posture will creep up on you. It won’t be a sudden impact, such as a sporting injury, but it will impact you all the same. It will lead to neck problems and bad back problems when you are older. So, take a look at the best gaming desks and ergonomic chairs on the market and choose the one that best suits your comfort needs. It is not nice having to contend with the physical plights gaming can induce. So, combat them before they creep up on you.

And the need to protect your health from gaming extends itself further still. It extends itself past physical health, in fact. It extends itself to the mind. Mental health issues and problems are serious, whether you deem them to be or not. And gaming has a bad habit of inducing these sorts of problems, even in people who have never been stricken with them before. Video game addiction is serious, and it seriously needs to be combatted. The signs and symptoms of this addiction include many things. They include restlessness when unable to play. Being preoccupied with thoughts about gaming at times when you aren’t playing. Lying to others about how much time you spend playing. And many others. So, if you feel as if any of these symptoms explains your gaming situation perfectly, no matter how innocent you deem it to be, you need to take them seriously. The showing of the symptoms of this kind of addiction shouldn’t be the first time in which you take the condition seriously, however. No, you should ensure that you are not causing yourself to be in with a chance of getting the addiction in the first place. There are many different cause factors, but the main one is that gamers are constantly being made to feel as if success is just out of reach. Once you and your fellow gamers understand that this how games are designed to be, you give yourself the best chance possible of nipping the addiction in the bud.

So, before it’s too late, fight the underlying physical plights of gaming that are always trying to creep up on you. Fight the physical ones. Fight the mental ones. Fight them all. And fight them all whilst still being the best gamer you can possibly be.


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