PS Goes VR and All is right in the World!

OK, my wife and I have been teetering between going full on PC, thinking about an Xbox 1 ( No, we are not a fan of Xbox) or going back to the tried and true Playstation.
We have always enjoyed being able to game on one counsel, or on the same LAN without having to pay to play a game together, hence not a big fan of the Xbox forced Gold Plan where they do not even have a family plan. My first Xbox was the 360 and the only reason I actually had started with Xbox is because of Halo.

We have basically decided to go ahead and go back to our old time favorite, the Playstation. This with a combination of a couple good Gaming PCs and we are all set. The great thing is with the announcement from Sony yesterday, it make the PS even more inviting.


Playstation will have their own VR! That is an excellent addition to the original system. We are extremely excited about it. I can’t wait to give it a whirl.

Check out the vids below. Let me know what you think.

PlayStation VR Features | #4ThePlayers

My Son loves this one. Check it out!

PlayStation Experience 2015: Golem – Announcement Trailer | PS VR

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