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Are You Ready To Hit The Open Road?

The idyllic image of a road trip is something with which many of us have fallen in love after seeing films of cool teens cruising down the highway or admiring our neighbors with the beautiful campervan parked out on their driveway. There’s something intoxicating about the idea of hitting the open road with friends or family and just soaking in the sights you pass on your way.

Of course, whilst it’s exciting to imagine that you might be spontaneous one day, hop into the car with your pals, and hit the open road, it’s important to remember that a road trip requires some planning. You don’t have to be a boring and stuffy adult about it; you don’t need an itinerary that lists the exact routes you must take and the exact things you must do in the places you visit. You should, however, plan for obstacles you might run into whilst on the road so that your trip isn’t ruined. Here’s how to plan a big road trip.

Bring supplies.

“Way ahead of you,” you say, as you pack the cans of Coke and bags of chocolate. Those things are all great additions to a great road trip, of course, but you need to be a little more prepared than that. If your car breaks down and you’re far away from the nearest town and you’ve no phone signal, you want to be sure that you’ve got enough supplies to keep you going until you can either walk to the nearest point of civilization or wait for a passerby to roll through. You definitely need to pack water and proper food for this very reason; some fruits, nuts, and other snacks which can sustain you are all good additions to the mix. You also need to bring a few good CDs so that you don’t get bored on the long journey.

Road safety.

Whilst you’re spending all your time focusing on the adventure you’re going on with your loved ones or close friends, you might lose focus of the basics of road safety. Remember that, whilst you’re on this road trip to have fun, you have a responsibility to pay attention to the road if you’re the person behind the wheel. You might want to do some research into a car accident lawyer so that you’re not caught off-guard if you do have an incident on a long journey. You also have a responsibility to keep your car well-maintained for the journey; you don’t want to break down in the middle of nowhere so make sure you’ve got gas and you’ve had your car checked recently.

Have a destination in mind.

This isn’t just about creating a boring plan; it’s about making the road trip more exciting. Heading down winding roads aimlessly will get boring really quickly if you don’t have some end goal in mind. Make the trip more exciting by ensuring that you all know where you’re heading. That’ll build up the anticipation and also make sure that you know all the boring things like how much gas, supplies, and CDs you’ll need to keep you going.


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