Real world meets Big Bang

One of my family favorite shows is the Big Bang Thery.  Life seems to love to imitate the moving picture displayed on our television.  Look at Star Trek.  Today we have that transparent aluminum (ALON) that Scotty was so nice to share with present day society.  Our present day “communicator” is technically our Cell Phone.  Do you have your contact list set up to voice command in your Blue tooth.  Call……! Oh yea and guess what,  there’s an App for that!

There are even more listed on sites like How Stuff Works that demonstrates the way science fiction, or fiction in general becomes reality.  But lets not loose site of today’s new technology. iRobot has made news with its Virtual Presents Device.  Sheldon Cooper had his own version on Big Bang:

You may remember iRobot with big hits like the Roomba, the self piloting robot that sweeps your floor while you lounge.  Not I, Robot with Will Smith where the robots turn on mankind.

iRobot unveils the Ava 500.  This is a virtual present device that will allow you to be in two places in one time.  This is not the first of its kind how ever.  The iRobot RP-VITA is a remote presents device being used in the medical field to help physicians interact remotely with patients.   Ava is an upgrade to this robot and being used in the business world.  Executives that want to be a part in the goings on of the office while still lounging at the pool,  well OK, or perhaps just in another office and not wanting to jump a plane for each meeting.  Sounds like Skype on steroids right. Well there is more.  Check out Verizon’s promotion for the V-go:

This is a product I can get behind.  Helping students attend school from their bed side.  On a serous note, this one is by far the best use of a VPD that I have seen yet.  Sheldon eat your heart out.  V-Go for Remote Students has opened up academic and social environments to other disabled and immune-deficient students as well. There are no longer boundaries between them and the world that was previously inaccessible.

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There is still one falt to the product.  NO ARMS.  Just saying.  Sheldon still needs his lamb!

I think this is an awesome chance for children and people in need.  While I can see the benefit in the business world, the options it gives to Doctors and Children in need far out way anything the business world can muster.  If you know a child that could do with some ShellBot time as Penny would put it, Please share the information with them and give them a chance to be more then they feel they can be now.

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