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I must admit that when I was contacted to provide a review of Mr. Chewy I was kind of skeptical simply for the fact that out of all of the items I have purchased online over the years pet supplies was not one of them.

About Mr Chewy:

Mr. Chewy delivers pet happiness by conveniently shipping 70+ brands of pet food and stuff (for free!) while ensuring at-risk animals’ lives are improved across the planet.

They offer a wide selection of pet food and treats for cats and dogs and some organic and vegetarian selections as well from a number of many well-known brands.

I love that Mr. Chewy provides free 1-2 day shipping on items over $49 and they have a great counter on the top that tells you how much you have left to spend to get free shipping. If you need supplies more than once as many pet owners do then Mr. Chewy makes it easy for you to do this by allowing you to set up the time frame and the amount of items needing to be re-ordered and they even have it so you save 15% off your first order through them. No setup charge and no membership fees needed. They also offer non-food items such as Frontline Flea and Tick medication, potty training pads and cat litter.

For my order I grabbed two bags of Beggin Strips, Milk Bones and various other chewies that I knew my girls would simply adore. I placed my order Thursday the 12th in the evening and it was here at my door by Saturday. Very quick delivery!

So when you are ready be sure to visit Mr. Chewy for your pet supply needs, you will not be disappointed I cannot wait to place my next order. Visit today and get 15% off your order which is automatically applied at checkout.


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