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Abandoned America Holiday Edition – Santa’s Village Theme Park

Just in time for the holidays, I could not help but share the once abandoned Santa’s Village Theme Park in California.

In speaking with my mom, while she cannot find the pictures, she says that she went to this park back in the day when it was open.

What she says she remembered most was the genuine holiday feel that the place had. They had holiday games and activities for the kids and even had a chance to meet with Santa and Mrs. Clause.

Here is a great video about the village by one of my favorite urban exploring Youtuber Exploring with Josh

The awesome part of all this is that there are plans to re-open the theme park this year and hopefully in time for the holidays. Once and if it opens be sure to keep the video in mind when you visit.

Did you visit this theme park? Let me know what you remember below in the comment section below 🙂

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