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I remember well before I was a married with children, I was never one to just throw money away. My grandparents and my mom would always tell us to save, save, save. Did my sister and I always listen….nope, but as I got closer to graduating my senior year. I began to look at the costs of living away from home when i go to college and I think that was the trigger to really help me save what I made from working and from my allowance.I remember coin wrapping day and taking all of coins down to the bank and depositing them.

It is funny when I think back on the things that i would spend money on, my biggest investment was my Harlequin book collection I had over 300 of them! Now I am saving every dime I have for toddler/kid books, toys, diapers, training pants, shoes and visits to the pediatrician, wow how things have changed.My husband and I made a decision that one thing we needed to look for was a good savings account.

While the one at our bank was good it was not great and we wanted to see what other types of incentives other banks had to offer. The best way to do this was to compare savings accounts online and through comparison websites like MoneySupermarket savings accounts. I would say that after some research and having an idea of what your family and you need in a savings account, also be sure to speak with your bank and let them know what you are looking for in a savings account and they may have program to suit your needs.

During these times with gas and food prices on the rise having a way to save your money is growing more and more important.

What ways are you finding to save money?

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