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Small Holidays Vs. Long Trips: Why You Should Take Your Time On Your Travels

You may be one of those lucky people that have a job which allows you to work remotely, or you may be thinking of starting up your own online business, allowing you to beat the rush hour traffic and the daily grind. If so, you should definitely think about ditching the usual once or twice a year holiday. Taking long trips and staying in one location for a month or more could be one of the most rewarding ways to travel and a great way to make the most of those European city break locations. Below are some of the upsides to staying in your holiday destinations for a little bit longer than a few weeks.

Soak up the culture

How many cultures can you soak up in a few weeks? Take into account the day or two of travel, the days where you just want to relax, and the days it takes you to get your bearings and settle in, you quickly realize that the two-week vacation you have, only really affords you about a week of sight-seeing. By staying longer, you free yourself to see all that your destination has to offer. For instance, Berlin’s Museum Island houses five separate museums, each of which would take the best part of a day to fully explore, not to mention all the other attractions the city has to offer. By staying for a longer period of time, you have the opportunity to take your time and enjoy everything, without feeling rushed and drained.


Save money

The biggest cost of a holiday is the accommodation. Staying in a hotel and eating out most nights can quickly rack up a big bill. If you plan to stay somewhere for a month or two, you could look into short-term lettings for a small flat and save money by cooking your own food. You could even save on travel through Europe by driving yourself from country to country. You could pick up a new car to see you through your travels, and with a Vauxhall new vehicle warranty, you’d have no worries about being stranded at the border with a car that won’t go.


See more than you planned

Not only does staying in your various destinations for a long period of time allow you to see more of the city at a more leisurely pace, but it also allows you to set your sights further afield during your stay. With your own transport and long-term accommodation to use as a base of operations, you can travel out of the main city and see parts of the country that most tourists and holiday-makers don’t get to experience. This will give you a unique perspective on your travels and allow you to truly experience different cultures and ways of life.


Hopefully, these reasons have given you some food for thought when it comes to your holiday arrangements. If experiencing different cultures and meeting new people is your thing, stretching your holidays out to a few months, instead of a few weeks, could be the best decision you ever made.

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