Smart Robot, Our Kids First Robot Build


One of the best things as being a parent is sharing, learning, and watching your children eyes light when they are excited. This weekend was full. My son received a 4M Smart Robot for Christmas and we choose to assemble the bot and see how it worked. We announced our intentions Friday, and all weekend we were reminded that we needed to put the little bot together. Sunday morning, my wife and I woke to our little guy standing next to the bed with the robot in hand. Just a little Excited aren’t we?

Once the doings of the day were done and we had a chance to relax and we started on the project. Aidan had a spot cleared off on the kitchen table where we set up. We first dropped down a nice clean white towel where we would be putting all the little screws and parts as not to loose them. My daughter Shyla also wanted to be part of the fun and between the two of them, I am not sure who enjoyed the project more.

The Smart Robot by 4M Industrial Development Limited is a great first bot. It is powered by a AA battery that powers a small motor. The motor spins a small weight in a spear mounted in the frame and gives the illusion of smart movement. This reminds me of the Raccoon playing with the ball toys you see in  the pet stores for your cat to chase. You know, where the coon is attached to the ball, the ball jiggles around to give the impression that the coon is alive and playing with the ball. That toy.

The Smart Robot is rated for age 8. My son is 7 and my daughter is 5. My son was able to read and understand the directions pretty easy. My daughter was able to help with putting the little bot together. All in all, it was pretty painless.

To start the project, Aidan sat and read though the directions. I wanted him to be ready to put the device together pretty much on his own. Once he was done with the directions, we read through them together with Shyla so she can see the parts as well. Then the fun began. Both Shyla and Aidan worked together.

Watching them assemble the motor and weight was amazing. They really got into the build.

They both took turns with Assembly. Above you see Shyla installing the battery and battery door.

Aidan puts the final touches on his new robot. Mission accomplished. Time to give the little bot life and see if what they did worked. Check out the video below to see the Smart robot in action:



Check out the video  below to see my sons take on the new robot. He grabbed my phone and the two wanted to offer their own video on how the Smart Robot worked. It is a little better then mine I think.



4M is a wonderful company out of Hong Kong. Their aim is to help little ones such as my kids to develop a knowledge of how things work.

This is our aim to build and grow 4M brand, delight our customers and deliver ever-more creative, innovative, high quality products that make learning fun. We will achieve this aim by:

  • Innovating, education and creating opportunities for children to develop positive curiosity and learn through exploration;
  • Discovering, designing and manufacturing exciting, safe ways to involve children in meaningful play experiences;
  • Putting quality and safety above all;
  • Incorporating social values and green awareness into our educational products;
  • Demonstrating heartfelt care towards our employees, stakeholders, children, parents and teachers worldwide;
  • Growing our company by growing our brand.

They don’t just do robots. They have a huge variety of kits and learning tools for your little ones. They have water rockets, Green Science, arts and rafts such as 3d Arts or Creative crafts. Let your children create their own shirts, piggy banks and more. Check out more from 4M by clicking HERE! and Happy building, Happy Learning. Let me know what kits you may have tried, how did they work out for you, and what other kits do you want to try? I want to know what to get my little ones next and I am sure others would like the advice as well.

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