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Smokey Bones Bar and Grill Review Restaurant Down Home Cooking Done Right

I love a good steak, there is just something about a good meal after a long day! For little mamas birthday we decided to make a trip to the downtown Disney to check out Disney Quest before they closed for good 🙁 so we decided to make a day of it. Smokey Bones Bar and Grill has a really great menu that features down-home favorites like Steak, Burgers, and their signature fire grilled favorites like their 14 oz Hawaiian Ribeye.

Here are some of the highlights of our visit to their Orlando Location!

The Restaurant


I really enjoyed the interior of this Smokey Bones, it felt cozy and had a really laid back kind of atmosphere. It felt open and the booth was really spacious. We always tend to get a both when we go out, it makes it easier to manage the kids (of course once they are done arguing about who sits next to who).

The Appetizers

Pretzel Bones – Roll with these bones. Bavarian soft pretzel sticks + queso dipping sauce. Posse up.


Crowd Pleaser – A killer opening act. Loaded Cheese Fries + Chicken Fingers + Onion Rings + mini Loaded Nachos + dipping sauces. Curtain up.

The Drinks!

I LOVED that they had a selection of drinks with the boba popping pearls. I had never had it before till my trip to the Pandora Media Day at the Animal Kingdom.  It was really refreshing, especially on a hot Florida day.


The Meal

They had so much on the menu to choose from on the menu and we had a small group so while we wanted to order everything we could only eat so much, thank goodness for doggy bags to take home.

Table Top Grill – You can choose the size you want for your griller. It includes ribs, wings, steak, chicken, potato wedges and onion and peppers.

Giant Hawaiian Ribeye – 14 oz. Ribeye marinated for 48 hours in pineapple + soy sauce + ginger + brown sugar + grilled to perfection. Served with 2 regular sides.

For the Kids

They have a great selection for the kids. They had pizza to grilled cheese “All items (excluding Pizza) are served with your choice of one side: French Fries, Kid’s Broccoli with Ranch, or Applesauce. Meals include milk, chocolate milk, or a soft drink.”



My Final Thoughts

Overall they really hit on all the things I look for in a family fire grill restaurant. They have something on the menu for everyone, don’t want steak? No problem they have an extensive seafood menu. They offer a great family atmosphere where the kids have options, the service at this location was awesome. Be sure to check out Smokey Bones on Facebook and on their Website for their latest deals and to find a location near you.

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