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  1. Dawn Monzu

    I have been addicted to coloring lately! Even if it isn’t raining, I find myself coloring when I am bored! I love how it takes my stress level down, and I just feel like a kid again. I feel so silly being able to color something whatever color I want to! haha God bless and good luck everyone!

  2. Janet W.

    My favorite rainy day activity is staying inside and playing board games with my family. Our favorite is Yahtzee.

  3. Kamla L.

    My favorite rainy day activity is a toss up between reading, playing video games, or binge watching series on Netflix. It all depends on my mood at the time.

  4. Christine Labelle

    On rainy days we love to watch movies or take a trip to the beach. We find a ton of sea shells and the beach is empty.

  5. Chemy

    I think I don’t have a favorite activity for rainy days, because I do a lot of outdoors and rain doesn’t mean staying at home or going to a specific day, it’s just a day, I can walk around, I can stay watching movies, for me it’s not about the rain, it’s about the company and the mood, no matter the weather outside of me.

  6. Betsy Barnes

    My favorite rainy day activity is binge watching one of my favorite shows, Sherlock, The Walking Dead or a comedy show from the past.

  7. Barrie

    Rainy weather means curling up in bed with a hot cup of coffee and a good book! Sometimes if hubby’s home, I read to him!

  8. carol clark

    well i like to feel the rain just a few times i know weird huh not for me though i love it and i like to snuggle up and get so cozy i dont want to get up to even eat and watch moives or if im in the mood ill clean

  9. Ann

    I ~love~ rainy days! Sometimes I’ll go for a drive, either alone or with a friend– always with the music on. 🙂

  10. Nicole Colletti

    ON rainy days I love to snuggle up with the kids and watch movies! ‘The other day it was torrential raining and my kids were running around outside in the rain like little maniacs! They LOVE to run around in the rain..(only if it’s hot out of corse!!)

  11. ellen beck

    Our favorite rainy day activity is reading. There is also a few shows we listen to on the radio (we think it is fun to find them) Audio books are also a huge hit as are a movie.

  12. Starla

    My favorite thing to do when it’s raining is to do my mani and pedi and curl up on the couch with my babies!

  13. Linda Bradshaw

    We have tons of crafts and supplies to make things that I have pinned on pinterest. They love them and have a lot of fun.

  14. Rebecca M-Y

    Reading and playing games, I suppose. I don’t really think of things as being specifically rainy-day activities. There are indoor and outdoor activities, and rain means doing indoor activities instead of outdoor activities (I tried to go for a walk in the rain recently; it was not nearly as fun), so I gave my favorite indoor activities.

  15. Karen Behrman

    Reading or cleaning is a good thing to do when it rains.
    Try to get chores done so when it is nice out we can go out to enjoy it

  16. Chrissy

    In the summer our favorite rainy day activity is playing in the puddles and getting wet (assuming no lightening). In the winter usually I feel like I need to get out of the house so recently our favorite activity has been walking around Costco to get free samples!

  17. shannon fowler

    My favorite rainy day activity is taking the dogs to petco. They love the store, and it gets them out and about.

  18. Duarte 'Artiq' Silva

    I usually just play video games or watch a couple of movies while eating some delicious popcorn and listening to the rain hit my windows.

    Thanks a lot for making this amazing giveaway!

  19. Bryan Vice

    Depends lol if it is the hard rain then its a good sleeping day if its light then some times i find a good book to read

  20. Celeste Herrin

    We like to play in the rain! My Grandson has a blast and we all get cooled off.
    We also collect rain water to wash our hair with. It is so much better than the chemical laden water from the city!

  21. Mya Murphy

    I love storms so much, and would be the crazy fool out in it… lol.. true story ☇☈☇☈☇☈🌩⛈🌩☇☇☇

  22. Ashley Chassereau Parks

    I love to snuggle and watch movies with my kids on rainy days! After it rains, I love to watch them play in the puddles!

  23. Denise C

    I like to kick back and browse the ‘net when it’s raining out, provided it’s not raining too bad as we usually lose our internet when it’s raining really bad!

  24. aaron reck

    I like to play board games with my loved ones on the porch during the rain. That way we have some fun and see the rain.

  25. gheewizzers

    Magic the Gathering! Me and my Husband Play it together and will make decks or play when its raining.

  26. Susan P.

    My favorite rainy day activity is reading or watching movies (as long as the power doesn’t go out!). We have a lot of thunder and lightning with our rain storms!

  27. Melissa Storms

    I like reading on rainy days. When I was a preteen and teen I had the best rainy day bedroom, our house didn’t have an attic so the rain hitting the sloped roof was just so relaxing and made a perfect reading area.

  28. Kristen Joiner

    reading, baking, or drawing. I just love to bake when it’s raining because there’s always something yummy to eat when it becomes sunny again. 🙂

  29. Elizabeth Miller

    My favorite rainy day activity is to pull ou some movies and some games with my daughter and make a girls day. When it is done, we love to go barefoot through the gutter at the bottom of the driveway in the puddles.

  30. Sally Gearhart

    There are so many rainy day activities that i love but i love breaking out trivia pursuit, scrabble, uno or whatever. If I’m alone, i either journal in my bible, color or just draw. I love a long summer rainy day!

  31. Tracy Robertson

    When I get to stay home on a rainy day (doesn’t happen often) I love to bake cookies, watch a movie on DVD and read a good book.

  32. Brian

    I don’t have a favorite rainy day activity, but I have preferences of what to do. I can’t share my most preferred activity because i’ts actually confidential.

  33. Amanda G

    Sometimes it’s watching a movie/tv with the kids, snuggled warm on the bed with snacks, story time is also fun

  34. Kayte CookWatts

    On rainy days, I like to curl up with a book, or browse for a while at our local book store.

  35. Lori W

    Single me… a good book and binge watching a tv show. Me with kids… making cookies or reading to them!

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