Summer: A Fine Time For a Roadtrip in the West

Summer’s are made for road trips through the states, but not all journeys are created equal. Head deep into the south, and you might struggle with the heat; the northeast? That’s made for journeys in the fall. There’s only place that makes complete sense: a road trip to the west of the country! This is prime time for camping, some Las Vegas glamor, and then, of course, some Californian adventures. Preparing your summer plans? You might want to hold off until you’ve read what this road trip would have in store for you!


Colorado and Utah

It doesn’t get much more iconic than Utah, with its awe-inspiring desert landscape. A trip through Canyonlands is just about as good as it gets when you’re driving not only in America but anywhere on earth. While that’ll be a highlight, don’t discount all that comes before it – chiefly, Colorado! This gem of a state has a bit of everything, from sublime mountains to rocky, canyon outposts. Check out Colorado National Monument, it’s one of the best camping – and probably under-visited – spots in the state, offering tent only camping and terrific views.

Fun for a Few Days

After the natural beauty of Utah and Colorado, you can’t find a place that’s more different than Las Vegas. That, exactly, is part of its appeal. After days in nature, you’ll be blown away by the glitz, glamor, and lights of this desert city. Warm yourself up by playing casino online, and you’ll be ready to hit the slots and tables once you arrive in the city. Not that Las Vegas is all about gambling, of course. You’ll also find world-class shows and some of the best food in America, which will add a touch of culture to your trip.

Down to the New Mexico

After Vegas, you can continue your trip west into California, or you can head south and explore Arizona and New Mexico. In Arizona, you can visit the magnificent Grand Canyon, which is worth the time if you’re in this part of the world! In New Mexico, it’s all about the vibrant, art, colorful Santa Fe. A city that everyone should visit at least once.

California, Here We Come

Everywhere else up until this point is pretty special, but there’s just something magical about California. You can do anything, for starters. If you’re driving from Vegas, make sure you’re planning on spending a couple of nights in Yosemite National Park. It’s huge, breathtakingly beautiful, and one of the best spots in the USA for hiking, and especially so climbing. From there, head on over to the coast. The Highway 1 trip from San Diego up to San Francisco will be the highlight of your trip, taking in the state’s best cities and showing mile after mile of that coastline.

….and If You Have Time

There’s much more you can do after California, of course, but the trip so far will need a couple of weeks to be done properly. If you do have time, then Oregon is nice at this time of year, and you’re not so far from Yellowstone National Park either….

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