Surprising Ways to Start Eating Better + Fitbit Giveaway

So 2019 has started to be a pretty good year with a ton of ups and downs! We moved out of Florida, so many amazing new events to cover at Disney, and it has been discovered that I am a Type 2 diabetic. Okay so the last one may not be amazing but it is definitely eye-opening. For years I had always wondered what was going on with my health, so it was great to have some answers.

Health is everything, and taking care of ourselves helps to protect us from illness and disease that can make life unpleasant or even cut it short. Eating well is fundamental to our overall health, and we all know we should be doing more to eat better- but it’s often easier said than done. If you want to make a positive change, here are some surprising ways to do so. I always thought I had some pretty good food habits, I was never a huge label reader but when I really began to pay attention (mainly because I had to, to get my blood sugars under control) to what I was eating and buying I was floored by how much I did not know.

Learn about nutrition

If you want to eat better but don’t know where to start, getting educated about nutrition makes a good first step. We all know we should be eating more fruits and vegetables and less saturated fats, but do you know why exactly? Do you know which ingredients have which nutrients and vitamins that we need, and the best ways to cook them and what to combine them with for the best effect on the body? It’s an interesting topic with loads to learn, and having that background understanding can really make your cooking better as you’re able to plate up healthy, balanced meals. You could go on an online course, or just teach yourself by reading articles and watching videos.

Perfect your cooking techniques

Once you know about how different foods affect the body, next, the actual cooking part comes in. Attending a cookery class, or even just watching cooking shows can introduce you to new ingredients, techniques and inspiration for your dishes. Start with the basics, something as simple as properly using a knife and knowing how to chop things is a great place to begin. Build you way up until your confident and just about any recipe you try will be a breeze. When you know what you’re doing in the kitchen, and know that you can whip up a healthy and tasty meal in a short space of time, it makes calling for a takeaway much less expensive. With a few simple ingredients, you can make something even better in the time it takes for that pizza or burger to arrive.

Invest in good quality kitchen equipment

Even a great chef would struggle with poor kitchen equipment. Sharp knives for example are essential, there are options for non stainless steel knives such as ceramic which are super sharp and will last a really long time. Good quality pots and pans, appliances such as a food processor and tools such as a meat thermometer will all come in useful. You might feel like investing in good equipment is a waste if you’re at the start of your cooking journey but it’s not true, they’ll make life easier and can generally make things more enjoyable too. When preparing food and cooking is easy

Know when to buy organic

It’s easy to advise buying all organic when someone wants to eat more healthily, but organic produce is expensive and isn’t within everyone’s budget to do so. For this reason, it’s worth educating yourself on which ingredients it’s best to buy organic, and which it doesn’t really matter with. As a general rule, if you eat the skin of the product then buy organic. So apples, grapes, strawberries and pears for example. If you don’t eat the skin, you can buy non organic. Examples are oranges, pineapple, potatoes and even things like carrots if you’re removing the skin. This is because the pesticides coating the produce won’t penetrate the skin, and it’s the pesticides you’re avoiding when you buy organic. Milk is another one to consider, organic milk will be free of the hormones and other things that are fed to non organic cows. Making a switch to non dairy milks (such as oat or rice milk) are other alternatives.

Grow your own

Getting out in the garden is good for your health, the fresh air combined with physical activity is never going to be a bad thing. If you’re wanting to pick up a new hobby then using your garden or hire an allotment to grow your own fruits, vegetables and herbs is well worth considering. If you use a greenhouse you can really extend the growing season too, and for most of the year you have access to healthy produce that’s completely free. If you have others that grow their own, you could even swap some of yours for more variety.

Are you trying to eat better? What would you recommend to anyone looking to do the same? Let us know in the comments.


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