Surviving the Holiday Shopping Season

The holiday shopping season is always an expensive time between buying presents to food for holiday meals and still having to make sure the bills get paid on time to avoid late fees.

Getting gifts for family and friends and trying to maintain a budget is not easy by any means. I used to find myself cringing at the sound of a cash register.

My husband and I have found some ways to regain our sanity during the holidays and stick to our holiday shopping budget.

Find Deals and Purchase Early



Our biggest budget savers is taking advantage of deals and any specials we can find. Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals can be really great but Cyber Monday is generally the way I go avoid lines and the craziness that usually surrounds Black Friday. I love, love coupon and coupon code shopping it make those deals I find even better. My husband and I start actually purchasing gifts after the holidays end the year before or at the start of the new year when our tax money comes in. This is especially a great time for buying holiday decorations.


Keep Your Mind on Your Money


This is one I personally struggle with. As a mom I would love to get my little ones everything they want for Christmas and I used to have a habit of spending without sticking to the budget I made. I generally write down how much I owe in debt at the top of my list just to keep me in check on my spending and build my holiday spending account accordingly. There are a number of resources available to you to find out how much you owe in debt and how much you need to set aside to make sure your debts and your bills are met.



It’s Not Always about Spending

This one is my favorite, generally for holidays and special events my husband and I love getting the kids to make their presents. We can get so caught up with spending money to buy the perfect gift when it can be things as simple as making a card instead of buying one or building something with your own hands that could mean the most. My husband and I will generally take the kids aside and work with them to make a present for each of us and the kids really have fun with that and it is some of the best presents I could ever get.

How do you remain conscious during the holidays?

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