Turning The Page - A Look Back #ReadyFor2015

I first want to start this post off with an apology. I have not been entirely on top of my game but it has been one of those things. We have been busting our butts this year to get where we need to be as a family and trying (sometimes) successfully to grow as a family and make 2015 the best year ever. On a happy note, we finally purchased the

Time to bring the games back to the living room

Time to bring the games back to the living room Online gaming is great….. except, there is something drastically missing. Some of my best memories are besting my friends on their console games, in their living rooms, eating their leftovers. OK so I did take a little advantage of the…
Abandoned Places

Taken Back By Nature Series - My Favorites- Splendid China Amusement Park

Welcome to the very first Taken back by nature series. I love finding these images all over the web and wanted to share my finding with you. There is something so amazingly haunting about seeing places that were so vibrant with life at one point now taken back by the world around it. Amusement parks – They are fun and sometimes educational places for children and adults alike. I have many

Back to School Shopping – Let’s Not Dress Little Girls like Showgirls or Worse

I remember back-to-school shopping with my mom as clear as any childhood memory.  Like many things from the way back machine, it was a rose-colored PG-rated experience, another thing from America’s kinder, gentle and long-gone past. My mother and I always shopped at the May Company for my school wardrobe.  Together we’d pick out a couple pair of jeans and pants, couple tops, skirts, a couple of dresses for church and

Whose line is Back! Everyone Tune in.

I say it was a hit. For ten years, my wife and I have been searching for every episode we could find of the classic game-show mock of “Whose Line”.  “Whose Line is it anyway” is an improvisational comedy show that started out as a radio show for BBC.  It…

NASA - They're Back

Can you imagine spending four and a half months in space.  The crew of the ISS expedition 34 just returned home Friday after such a feat.  Station Commander Kevin Ford of NASA, Sonyuz Commander Evgeny Tarelkin and Flight Engineer Oleg Novitskiy of the Russian Federal Space Agency uncoupled from the…

Back to the Grind Stone!!!

Well thank you for keeping up with me over the last few weeks. I have been on vacation and did not even pic up a PC. Me and my family did have a great vacation, and I believe it is the best thing in the world for a family to…