My Top 4 Tips for Florida Family Travel

Having lived in Florida for almost 20 years and being parents for 5 years my husband and I have almost mastered the art of traveling around in-state with little ones in tow to ensure they are able to have fun and yet stay safe. Even though summer is almost over…
Abandoned Places

Abandoned America - Florida Grain Depot (Pictures)

The funniest part about the grain depot is we tried to figure out where it was a few months back but didnt realize it was on a road we traveled SO many times! Here are the shots we got. Saw a set of stairs that led to underneath the dept but it was flooded so we weren’t able to plus the stairs did not look stable
Abandoned Places

Florida Business Left Abandoned

Yet another roadside find off of a busy stretch of highway here in Florida. Not exactly sure what the building used to be. My husband passed by it many times thinking it was an abandoned firestation but closer inspection it was not. There was a small deck area in back with a huge outdoor grill and second smaller brick house. One room had a ton of broken holiday decorations