From Amateur To Amazing: Top Tips For Budding Photographers

Do you love taking photos? Are you a keen traveler or are you always snapping away on days out? Photographs enable us to capture magical moments, and they can also offer a hundred different perspectives on the same view. If you’re like me, a passionate amateur, you may be wondering…

Enter to win $100 Amazon Gift Card From MomCo

MomCo and On the Scene with Mrs. Kathy King, know how hard moms work on creating precious memories for their kids during the Christmas season. To celebrate their efforts, they’ve teamed up to give one lucky person a $100 Amazon Gift Card. Plus each day you will have a chance to win 12 other awesome prizes.

Boot Your PC From Your Droid #DriveDroid #Android #Linux

I have recently decided, between my wife and I, to root our phones. We own our phones cash out for a reason, we wanted control over what we wanted on our personal devices which we did not have before we rooted. We rid our selves of “Bloat Ware”, and can put…

The Outernet, A Library from the Heavens #Outernet

Can you imagine a world without the Internet? The life of the internet only touches about 60% of the worlds population. Just imagine how lost you are when your just out of reach of the information super highway. There are actually folks that live out of reach of this wonderful world of…

Back-To-School Baking From Scratch

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for ACH Food Companies Inc. I received a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.” I am addicted to baking from scratch it is healthier and it is something the kids and I enjoy doing together, and even my husband enjoys joining the kids and I in our baking endeavors. Since the kids have started school I have turned to baking as

Preventing Your Family From Becoming Dependent On Over The Counter Drugs

The threat to family lives posed by drugs and addiction is evident across the country. All walks of life are affected by drugs. The latest boom in prescription and over the counter substance addiction has made the problem much more significant for families up and down the country. There is genuine concern among parents as to how to avoid these problems from gripping their children. In reality, all drugs –