JenJen House Beautiful Prom Dresses for 2014

My daughter may be YEARS away from her first prom but I still love seeing the imaging her a beautiful prom dress. If you have a daughter getting ready for her first prom be sure to check out and see that they have to offer for the  2014 prom season.About is the global leading online

House Buying Options for Military Families

This is something near and dear to my heart not just as a military brat but as someone with my brother in-law still in the military and watching him, and my sister raise their kids to have as normal a life as possible and trying to find affordable housing.   I remember when I was little having to move every couple of weeks or months. I

OrganWise Guys | In The House!

At the age of 3 and 5 my little ones are becoming more and more curious about their body and what makes them tick and what makes their body work the way it does. Thanks to the OrganWise Guys they have been providing answers in fun and educational ways since…

Natural House Product Review

  Natural House brings you a natural and non-toxic way of keeping the dirtiest areas of your home free from germs and other harmful bacteria. I have always hated using harsh chemicals to clean around my house, so I have always been one to find natural or homemade home cleaning remedies. Natural House…