Abandoned Places

Artist Shows Life After Disney That is Haunting and Amazing

This is something I have always wondered with places like Disney World and Universal Studios what would they look like abandoned. Through the power of Social media this was in my Facebook feed. The DeviantArt artist that goes by eledoremassis02 shows how abandoned Disney would look and it is creepy and beautiful.

Dylan Received the Surprise of his Life!

Time to share some good news. This is a story to warm your heart. Chesterfield VA is the home of a very special young man named Dylan Greene. Dylan is autistic. His mother Jodie took some time to make Dylan’s Birthday one of the best a kid could have. She…

Bringing a Hologram to life with Holovision

In a world of 3 dimensions, we longing for depth.  In so many Science Fiction movies, we see people who communicate using a 3 dimensional viewing apparatus.  For starters, check out Star Wars,  “Help me Obi-Wan Kanobi, Your my only hope”, one of the biggest lines in television was given…

Getting Life Organized With P-Touch Label Maker (PTouchAmbssador)

You my remember my post from last month about the P-Touch Label Maker and trying to stay organized. I had so many projects around the house it was hard to try and decide where to start using my trusty label maker.The idea of where to start was a simple one when my son…who is in Kindergarten…came home without his backpack. He was so upset

Life Cycle of Earth

Humans have been watching the skies since the dawn of time.  Questions of where do we come from, why are we here, and what is this huge rock I am standing on doing here, have puzzled even the greatest of minds.  One such question looks like it may finely have…

Real Life Mario Cart, Who's In

A go cart track that makes the Mario cart a real life race. How many times have you wanted to disable your siblings cart and watch them spin out into the wall as you pass by with a huge smile on your face and take the checkered at the last…

Glad Bags After the Wild Life

Being a mom of two growing kids I deal with messes in almost every shape and size. Glad Bags have been a faithful friends for years and has made my life so much easier. So when i learned that I had the chance to review the Glad Black Bags. After…